0 down, 4 to go

Nights that is.  I was trying to explain to Daniel that tomorrow morning it will be 3 sleeps before Daddy comes home, not 5.  After much heated debate I eventually conceded that he was right.  So, as of tomorrow hubby will be back in 5 Daniel days.

The evening went great, picked the kids up and went straight to my Mom’s house like the fabulous Mom I am.  They only managed to trash 3 rooms in her house and break 2 toys before we left with much fanfare. (after supper)

As we get into the car Isabel starts asking for a ‘bersie’ (blanket) which turned into full blown wailing about 100m down the road.  I then tried to distract her by counting sleeps before Daddy comes home and she starts wailing ‘Pappa, Pappa, Pappa!!’ and just as we turn into our road Daniel asks for juice and she launched into ‘juicey juicey juicey’. 

And OF COURSE our hapless Labby was lying in their path from the garage to the back door and both my girls were screaming like banshees whilst I was dashing up the stairs with 56 bags in my hands and trying to unlock the door.  Feck, why they hate him is so totally beyond me.

Must dash to pack lunchboxes and feed the cat and take out their clothes for tomorrow.

Wish me luck for the morning!

23 thoughts on “0 down, 4 to go”

  1. Tee hee, can’t help laughing at Isabel’s meltdown. I know those ones where anything you say or do just makes it worse. Poor her and poor you.

  2. Sjoeeeeee!! I do hope you have a good weekend! Good luck with the 5 Daniel sleeps til your hubby gets back! May there be minimal banshee-behaviour! 🙂

  3. I do not envy you your week-end, I have only one and a looming long week-end makes me shudder. She gets bored extremely fast. But, good luck anyway.

    Long time since some piccies of the 3 musketeers?

  4. Oh, you have my sympathies! I don’t think I could do a weekend without hubby! During the week I could maybe manage – because they’re at school all day, but 24/7 on the weekend? Nah.

    The best of luck to you! I hope you make it out unharmed at the other end! Will look out for your post on Tuesday!

    Happy Woman’s Day if you’re not in before then 🙂

  5. Tania, just make sure DH let’s us know where the men in the white coats will be taking you after this weekend. Would hate to lose contact with you… hahahhaha

  6. Did your DH not realise that Monday’s public holiday is Women’s Day? He should be home alone for four days with the children – not the other way around. Sterkte!

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