20 reasons you should never have a hangover on a Sunday

  1. Not only will you feel like crap, you will also be sleep deprived.  It takes a long-long time to drink too much.
  2. 2 of your 3 children will be awake when you get home at 1am.
  3. It will take an hour to get them settled. 
  4. The children will all wake up at 6h30.
  5. You would have invited your in-laws over for lunch.
  6. You luckily can’t really carry a conversation with them as you are running to the loo every 5 minutes as your stomach is totally messed up.
  7. Hubby will have to go and buy ready-made spinach and you barely manage to peel potatoes and stick halved butternuts in the oven. Thank God for Webers.
  8. Those 2 children that were awake between 1 and 2am will be miserable the entire day.
  9. Pain.  Not only in your head.   (I’m sure I have carpal tunnel in my wrist from holding that damn glass that was filled up so many times.  Even my teeth ache.)
  10. There will be a kiddy party you have to go to at 2pm on the Sunday avie
  11. You will have missed having a quick nap because your in-laws left too late.
  12. You will have the nap anyway and be 20 minutes late for the party.
  13. You will look like crap when you arrive to 30 screaming children and you will have no alternative but to sit in a corner whimpering whilst clutching your 50th glass of Coke for the day.
  14. You will be so embarrassed to admit you have a hangover to the other moms, just in case they think you are an alcoholic.
  15. Everyone will be sitting in the sun.
  16. When you finally make it home you remember all the unpacked stuff you were in the middle of sorting out that needs to be finished.  Today.
  17. If your kids force you to jump on the trampoline with them you vomit a little in your mouth every time they jump.  Because clearly you don’t move, you just grimace when they jump.
  18. Ditto for sitting on the trampoline whilst they are jumping.
  19. At 5pm in the afternoon.
  20. You’ll still end up in front of the TV, despite threatening to go to bed at 8pm.  

24 thoughts on “20 reasons you should never have a hangover on a Sunday”

  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha! Sorry but I have no life hence no opps for hangovers from hell. That is the ONE thing I DO NOT miss from my pre-Thomas days… the fricken hangovers. Last had one in September last year when Thomas was pushing out a tooth and I swore never again. Been pretty good so far. Shame, love. Hope you feel sort of/kind of human again by Tuesday. 🙂

  2. Oy…dit klink rof.
    Was telling my DH yesterday that I’m actually too old for this business. LOLx

  3. Shame! Hope you feel better by tomorrow.

    I never had a hangover and now I am glad I hadn’t… :). Sounds hectic and awful!

  4. Tee hee hee – totally love this article. Also had a bit of a crazy weekend and this speaks to a million similar feelings. My worst, I must agree, is the bath and bed routine…when you’ve had a broken day. I bet you had fun though, BEFORE the next morning kicked in..hehe.

  5. Oi! I did this once. And once only. When Tristan was a toddler. Toddler + hangover = misery.

    I cringe at the thought of a kiddie party on a good day. I so feel for you. Point 14 – the kids parties T goes too, this is a ‘bragging’ point amongst the single moms! Which is why I hate going alone!

    Hope you feel more human today 🙂 You won’t do it again hey?

  6. LOL!! Very funny. Who the hell host kiddies’ parties on a Sunday anyway?

    I made a mistake yesterday as well, had 2 (!) bottles of ice cold white wine with our Snoek & Prawn braai (another one of my GREAT husband’s specialties). Really, I thought it was Sprite Zero ; ).

  7. You spend most of the day praying for bathtime and then you don’t know how are going to manage that last hurdle 🙂

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