A little epiphany

The absolutely weirdest thing happened this morning.  I was taking clothes out for the girls and I had a whole thought process about their outfits.  It started with a little dress each, then a t-shirt, then matching pants and (shock and horror) matching shoes.

As I put the outfits out I thought omigod I just colour co-ordinated their outfits.  I am going to die and go to anal Mommy hell.  And then I thought hey they look so cool, whatever.

That entire little internal dialogue was more about my life-long perception about what I thought I should be (career woman) vs what I ended up being (mom and worker).  And I don’t mind one little bit.  I LOVE my life, I am happy in the now, I am the luckiest girl alive.  For the first time since I had kids it feels like I have balance and flexibility and positivity all rolled into one.

Here are the girls outside their school this morning with their outfits.  I tried getting their brother in, but as you can see he had other plans..

And lastly, Jules did this post on going away for a weekend with her hubby and I am on a mission to spend an entire weekend with my husband.  (Ok.  To be honest I want to spend an entire day in bed reading my book and only get up to drink coffee and eat food) We are worth it.  I just need to get my head around it as there is no way I can leave them with my Mom 24/7 for 2 days, but I think I’m almost there.  Oh, and scrape together some SA Ront to pay for the weekend away.

25 thoughts on “A little epiphany”

  1. And look how gorgeous they look in their colour co-ordinated outfits! In what other job can you get job satisfaction like that? Yay for you! Hope you get the weekend away thing right – you so deserve it!

  2. Are you still allowed to choose their clothes!? You are very lucky – Zoe insist on choosing her own clothes and believe me it is a fashion disaster every morning!

  3. And don’t they look gorgeous!! Connor is a little shoe freak – he always insists on picking his own shoes to wear. Doesn’t give a hoot about clothes most days, but the shoes is another story!

    I love what you say “I’m happy in the now”. When I read this, I also realised how lucky I am – now! I just have this overwhelming feeling that I can do something better! But I don’t know what it is.

    And yay for planning to have that weekend with hubby. You do deserve it. I also wish we could have just one evening to ourselves….

  4. they’re gorgeous in their perfectly co-ordinated outfits1 πŸ™‚

    hope you get your weekend away with your hubby!!

  5. : ) I’m exactly the same, I love dressing Soph up, she wears the kind of things I wish they had for adults – pinafores with embroidery, red tights with bows on the back, you get the picture (probably better they don’t have for grown up girls, might get a few stares!)

  6. There’s always something they need to choose!
    Let’s see if we can organise our weekends away!!

  7. Do it while you can!! I can tell you from experience that it won’t last much longer, they will start telling you that you can’t choose their clothes anymore.
    Your girls are so lovely, they look beautiful in these outfits, the colours are great. xx

  8. My trick is run pick the outfits before they get to their room and they can choose panties. Sneaky, I know. The days they don’t want to wear what is put out I just let them get on with it, not worth the argument!

  9. They look seriously adorable. Love the way they always hug each other.
    Minki is now in the “Minki sal self!” stage, from choosing outfits to dressing, a real mission in the mornings.

  10. Outfits are gorgeous. This is why I can’t be a girl mom, my kids outfits would hardly ever match!
    I would highly recommend a weekend away for you and hubby. I am still on a high and we have already booked our next one for March next year! Dh wanted us to book it sooner but I convinced him that it is festive season, and back to school and U2 in February.
    In terms of the babysitting, I wasn’t too concerned about my Tween but I was concerned about my Toddler as he had never even slept out before. Our babysitters offered to come and stay at our place in order for them both to be in their familiar surroundings and environment. It worked like a bomb.
    Seriously. Just do it. You won’t be sorry.

  11. *take aways, boeke, wyn, grootmens DVD’s (m.a.w. enige iets wat ‘n ouderdoms beperking van 13 het of meer), leeglΓͺ vir my en in plaas van boeke vir manlief ‘n playstation of WII*

    Oooo ek stem saam oor die naweek alleen. MAAR my “control freak” sisteem kan nie die gedagte aan my kinders afgee aan iemand anders hanteer nie πŸ™‚

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