A little whine

You know how sometimes you get to the end of your day and you drag yourself through bath and suppertime with 3 clingy children and then you realise you are actually in THE crappiest mood but you have no idea why?

And then you start thinking how you really need to pull yourself towards yourself.  And try to figure out why the mood is so farking black.

So, here is my little shit list for the day:

  • Sleep deprivation.  Mignon had a 39.8 fever at 23h00 last night.  I’ve never even seen a fever that high.  And we picked it up by chance as she was quietly lying in her bed.  So I was up a lot during the night to see if she was ok.  I had visions of convulsions and trips to the emergency room.
  • Day 1 of back on eating plan.  It’s gone really well so far.  Breakfast with a friend, usual stuff in between, rice crackers, biltong, popcorn and sour worms after supper. (so far)
  • I received an email today of a missing boy in Durban.  My heart aches for his parents and friends and family!
  • I suspect a long-time friendship is about to end.  A part of me is really sad and another part of me just wants to deal with it already and move on.
  • A generally crappy day at work.  The pits was an error that someone has made that is going to cost me a lot of income.
  • Did I mention the clingy children? And whiny? But they were probably picking up on my mood.
  • Our cleaning lady.  She generously decided to wash and put back the couch covers.  At 16h00 this avie.  So now we are sitting on wet couch covers.  Charmed. And the ironing isn’t done and and and
  • We really need to get live-in help, but due to the potential cash-flow problems I now have to wait.  We are desperate.
  • My to-do-list gets longer by the day and the ticks fewer.
  • A work friend’s little boy has a brain tumor that was operated on about a year ago, but it is back now.   They are operating again tomorrow.
  • Work wise things are about to change and could work out really, really well.  But there are risks involved.  But I have a good feeling about it!

And finally, I sneaked some pages of “Breaking Dawn’ in between supper and bath time.  I’m about halfway through and NOT impressed with what just happened.

2 more weeks and then things should ease up work wise, can’t wait to breathe!

Thanks for reading all my sad stories for the day, tomorrow will be better! 

16 thoughts on “A little whine”

  1. Sjoe, that’s a lot of crappiness for one day. No wonder you feel down. Hope you have a good night’s sleep with no scary temperatures and feel better able to cope with it all in the morning. Sterkte!

  2. I wanted to cry reading your shit list. Some days I feel so overwhelmed that the smallest things feel like the end of the world. And everything seems to happen all at once. The sleep deprivation distorts our perception of problems!
    Definitely will be holding thumbs for your work ‘thing’ 🙂
    And also that M’s fever is much better!
    And you are quite right. Today will be better.
    *Big hugs*

  3. Holding thumbs on the work doodabbie. Big hugs for all the rest. I’m so close to getting my ‘wife’ I can almost taste it. We just need to wait until the end of this month to see if promises made will be kept and then I’ma goin’ to find me a WIFE!

  4. Oh goodness a shit list indeed. I too have a long friendship that is going down the river. I just don’t have the energy to sustain it any longer.
    I will keep your friends little one in my prayers, what a horrible thing to have happen twice in such a little life. xx (hugs) xx

  5. Sometimes… it’s ok to just say.. “sorry, but I can’t deal with this right now.”
    You can’t do that with kids or everything at your job, but it’s perfectly ok to not be emotionally involved with everyone around you.
    For example, there are days when I just can’t read the news. I just feel too much.. and can’t cope with everything going wrong ath the same time.

    Hope you find some time to breathe… and say no to people and things that are generally shit.

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