A Party post

Daniel and I went to 2 kids parties today. 

The first one was that of a classmate of his and the Mom’s a friend of mine.  It was the usual mix of parents and kids that I am very comfortable with.  Daniel’s school is quite a mix of colour and there are some really lovely folks that we have gotten to know the last few years.

The second party was that of a dear, dear friend’s little girl.  This party was very different from the first as they are Muslim and Daniel and I were the only white people there, gasp!  And the obvious lack of Merlot 🙂 There was such a spirit of family and family of family and children that are very loved and are growing up together in these strong family bonds.  It was a truly special experience and I feel honoured to have been invited!

But, looking back, there were also many similarities between the 2nd party and the type of “white” parties I usually attend:

Nervous Moms.

The birthday boy and girl cried at least once each.

There was sand-art at both parties and the kids all loved it (and the adults!)

Each family has the crazy aunt/uncle.  You can spot them a mile away.

The older folk that are there, but sit separately from the young ones, almost like they feel they might be in the way.

There is usually a domestic worker in the background.

There is always at least 1 very badly behaved child,

at least one tantrum,

and sugar, lots and lots of sugar.

And Cupcakes.

And Partypacks.

One thought on “A Party post”

  1. Amazing how no matter the cultural differences, there’s still so many similarities when it comes to a gathering for an occasion!

    And when it’s a kid’s party – well, kids will be kids hey?

    Glad you had lots of entertainment 🙂

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