A question about extra-murals and Tori

I know.  What a bizarre title, but anyhoo.

Firstly:  No more sleeps until the Tori Amos concert.  And I’m sitting here in my office being happy about it all by myself because half of the staff here were still in nappies when we were listening to Little Earthquakes.  The best of it all?  I’m going with 2 of my all-time BFF’s from school days.  We have been friends for 24 years (24 YEARS people!!) and they are still 2 of my all-time favouritest bestest people.  L and I: it’s the 80’s ALL over again for us tonight!

Then, a more serious question:

We have to choose which extra-murals Daniel will do next year and we are completely spoilt for choice.  I have always wanted Daniel to do karate, but between that and computer classes and rugby and cricket and swimming and all the other stuff Etienne and I are a little ‘deer-in-the-headlights’.  And we don’t have endless funds to pay for activities either.

So, I would like to know:

How many extra-mural activities is age appropriate for a Grade R child?

Which ones would you or have you picked for your child and why and how did it impact on their choices when they grew older?

Thank you!

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  1. Enjoy the concert,going to be loads of fun.
    Extra murals…..we do one paid for and one free.
    Wit 3 I find it is just not possible to do more.Also found as they get older they find their own passion and the extra murals are less,well sort of,as the time spent on them is more.
    Good luck with the choices,think the good thing to empasize with little dude is if he starts something he must continue with it for the full term,so often they want to stop half way through the term as they have lost interest,etc

  2. Enjoy the concert! At the Princess’ school we were told to have 3 maximum. Computer classes are part of the fixewd curriculum as is chess in grade 1 to 3, so that is sorted. She has been doing ballet for 2 years already, so we just switched to the studio the school uses. Then we decided she can do one sport and one non-sport. Swimming has to be priority unless they can already swim well because it is a life skill, so we choose that. And then the school’s pool broke so it never took off, so we wrote her in for Playball – a sort of “general” sport thing which we thought was great for a start. For culture/non sport she choose music appreciation & drama and dropped her pottery – she loved it. Then in the second term we got a note from the Netball coach asking us to consider to let her take netball. I knew it – she needed a goal (the Princess is the tallest girl in the school) but it turned out she was quite the little sports girl so we added that.

    But the ballet turned out quite intense in the end with the exams so for about a month she was tired and I thought she had too much going on, for the rest of the year the 4 was fine. Next year she will have to choose though. BTW – we are sending her on a week short course for the swimming in December now.

    As to what – go read this post of mine: (and karate just might be a given):http://juggelingactoflife.blogspot.com/2011/10/learning-takes-place-in-life-not-just.html

  3. 2! For a child their age … Of course mine does 3 but … Like you … I just have to have them all. My oldest child taught me … That when they say they don’t want to do it … Believe them … They will not change their mind (well mine didn’t) …. I tried to do one sport, one art and one cultural … So my youngest does Click-a-mouse, pottery and play ball … And my oldest did the same with a smattering of gymnastics and ballet between them …

    It’s difficult because we would have loved all of these options now … But …

    But I have learned that they get very tired … So 2 is best …

    Hope that helps …
    Collette in Cape Town

  4. I was happy to let my son do 4 extra murals. But that was only because it was preschool and there wasn’t really homework. Also, each activity took place on a different day so it wasn’t as if he was rushing from one activity to another. Once he started grade 1 we limited him to two per term of which I am allowed to choose one for him. The one I choose is usually a life skills one (like swimming or cooking or something ball skills related) and the one that he chooses is whichever one he wants. 

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