A weighty issue

I have some baby-weight to lose. 

OK, I have A LOT of baby weight to lose.  This is what happens when you have 3.5 kg twins (each!)

Tomorrow they are 8 months old and so far I have lost 1.5 kg (apart from the 6 kgs I gained whilst on Maternity leave thanks to many packs of Lemon Creams, but that’s another story)

There probably isn’t a reason why I cannot lose the weight as I have been a little bit more “on top” of things the last couple of months.  But I haven’t and I know that I should probably stop flagellating myself over it, but hey, such is life.

I have put off having the girls Christened for as long as possible because I wanted to lose the baby fat, but have now been politely forced to do it in 3.5 weeks’ time.

So, I have officially decided to stop cracking myself up about it and just suck it up (and in).  Whatever comes first.

2 thoughts on “A weighty issue”

  1. With you on this one too! I have 30kg’s to lose. Connor’s 9 months old, and I’ve lost…. 1kg in the past 3 months.

    I’ve decided that I’d really like to lose the weight, but this is how I am for now. It’s temporary. Live with it 🙂

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