A weighty tale

I took the plunge today and went to see a Nutritional Therapist.  I have decided I am done with diets and that the only way I will ever lose weight and keep it off is by eating properly, so here goes.

I had to fill in a questionnaire beforehand, so she had a pretty good idea of what was potting when we had our appointment. 

What she had to say was fascinating and admittedly a lot of the stuff went a little over my head, but it all made sense.  She has put me on a low GI eating program and what I like most about it is that I still get to eat loads of stuff, I’m not starving myself and I eat 6 meals a day.

I’m also doing a Vega test on Thursday to see what my other problems are, but I think we have a good idea what they are.  I will do an update again once we have the results.

So far I have Adrenal fatigue, a blood sugar imbalance, low HCI levels (this bit went over my head)and definitely some food intolerances. 


11 thoughts on “A weighty tale”

  1. Vega testing is a form of modified electroacupuncture. It is an unorthodox technique which its proponents claim can diagnose allergic and other diseases.

  2. My mom gave me this tip: eat like a diabetic, ie reduced fats, reduced salt, reduced sugar and low GI.

    I am not skinny, but not overweight and keep my weight constant.

    That of course doesn’t mean don’t pig out on the occassional chocolate cake or slap chips!

  3. Fascinating stuff indeed. I also went to see a Nutritional person last month and she put me onto a low GI plan. It’s cool because you do eat a lot and are not starving yourself. I am actually going back later this week for a weigh-in and check up. Am slightly nervous.
    Good Luck…

  4. Yay for you, you will feel the benefits in no time. It is a really great way to eat for the whole family. xx

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