About Bianca

One of my favorite things about having dinner together as a family is the random conversations we have.

Take tonight for example:

The girls are in separate ballet classes and it is concert week, so everything ballet-related is very much front of mind.

Mignon: Mom, Bianca from my ballet class is really nice.
Isabel: Yes, Bianca has gold bangles.
Me: Who is Bianca?
Isabel: She is in Mignon’s ballet class (with a look of disdain on her face that I clearly didn’t get the memo about exactly who Bianca is)

Etienne and I had a good chuckle and left it for a few minutes.

Me: Girls, who is Bianca?
Girls: Bianca has Barbie bangles. And a Hello Kitty necklace. Can we have a Hello Kitty necklace pleeeeeaase?

So, there you have it folks. Bianca has gold bangles and Barbie bangles and a Hello Kitty necklace and she’s in Mignon’s ballet class.

Consider yourself informed.

Ps I seem to have volunteered myself to help at the concert tomorrow night along. Hold me?

2 thoughts on “About Bianca”

  1. Giggle! The song goes Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And even today, a princess is alive and well somewhere deep inside the hearts of us mould breaking girls and ladies! So much so, that young Bianca is already defined by her bling, giggle!
    Ps Tanya, I so enjoy your stories. But more than that, you write SO well, to the point, short and sweet!

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