Advice please?

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In a post at the end of last week I mentioned that the only person that actually wants to invite us over is another Mom of 3.  This family came back to SA from the UK towards the end of last year, just after she had her third boy. 

She said how hard it was to move countries with children and leave your network of doctors etc.

We were chatting about this little boy, who is now 8 months old and she expressed concern that he isn’t sitting properly yet and generally seems to have poor muscle tone.  He is a very happy little chap, laughs and smiles the whole time.  But his hands are folded in and his grip was also not great.  He is rolling, but his neck control doesn’t seem to be great and his spine also not 100%.

To cut a long story short, they took him to be assessed by a Physiotherapist today and they were referred straight to a Paediatric Neurologist without offering any kind of diagnosis.  And the first appointment they could get is only in 3 weeks’ time, so lots of worrying ahead.

Of course they have, like any of us would in this day and age consulted the great oracle called Google and are concerned that it might be Bells Palsy or something similar.

I would like to ask if anyone has any advice or thoughts or suggestions or know of a great Pediatric Neurologist in Cape Town?

Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Advice please?”

  1. Sorry, I don’t. All specialists are so busy, but my heart goes out to your friend having to wait.

  2. Sjoe, that’s a tough one for your friend. I also don’t know any paediatric neurologists in Cape Town. Can she not ask the physio what her concerns are and the reason for the referral? BTW I thought you were joking when you said only another family with 3 children will invite you over!

  3. The world of medicine is not really my area of expertise, neither is sourcing anything in CT, so sorry, but will keep that “little thingie” in my prayers. have a great Weekend.

  4. Its a great big worry when our kids are not doing what they ‘re supposed to be. Even though, my son was premie, I worried when he wouldnt sit, walk, and mostly when he couldnt talk. And just like my son has got there unaided, I wish that there is nothing wrong with the little one!

  5. Oh how scary for them, Soph is the same age so I can imagine the worry. Hope things turn out ok.

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