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keep-calm-and-take-vitaminsIt’s official: I’m allergic to gym.

It is the most bizarre thing.  After my first visit to the gym my sinuses packed up, I ignored it and I ended up on antibiotics and steroids and staying away for 2 weeks.  After my second visit to the gym I was immediately (as in the very same day) sick again and couldn’t go for another whole week.  I then decided to just ignore it anyway and carry on, but it really is the strangest thing.

I don’t do anything different at the gym either or over-exert myself, I purely go as I can’t walk at 05:00 anymore because it’s too dark and do the same thing I would do on the road. I’m probably sensitive to dust etc and something at gym triggers a sinus reaction, but I shall Keep Calm and Suck It Up, but this chronic sinus thing irritates the living crap out of me. I’ve cut out all diary, wheat and alcohol this week to see if it helps.  I am not pleased.

This made me think about multivites and flu injections and I almost went for my first flu injection this year, but decided against it because (gasp) I was sick when they were doing it at work.

We have always been of the pro-active multivite persuasion in our house and used to buy a barrage of vitamins for the kids, especially this time of year, as our kids used to get the sickest during March/April with the change of seasons (as I’m sure your kids do).

Etienne is really good with his Vitamin B complex and Viral Choice and takes it religiously.  I dabble in those vites, but I lean more towards Vitamin D, Evening Primrose, CalMag that I have in my drawer at work because those are the things I can feel my body needs more often, although I have added bottles of Vitamin B and Viral Choice to my stash for winter. I feel like a druggie though as suddenly I have 10 pills lined first thing in the morning. I buy different bottles of vitamins as no single vitamin I have come across has everything that I need and I’m an obsessive label reader.

I’m curious though:

What vitamins do you adults take, if any?

Do you take the same set of vitamins right through the year or do you change your regime to accommodate for seasonal changes?

Do you read the labels and compare or do you just buy the cheapest one?

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  1. I’m pretty much permanently on Preggy Vitamins and a calcium supplement 🙂
    But I have the kids on the Best 4 Allergy Prevention vitamins. They have done wonders for the sprogs. It alone, cleared K’s eczema and aids with their seasonal allergies.
    They have an adults version of it too that I have heard very good things about. Its a slightly more expensive vitamin, but I pay for it happily as I’ve seen the benefits 🙂

    Wouldn’t hurt to try…

  2. THe kids – Omega 3 (I have foudn one L actaully eats – the Creche Guard one) and a multi vitamin. From about April they get a shot of Scotts Emulsion too – works way better than any viral choice etc thing

    For me: Omegas and a multi vitamin every day (I change these regularly – my dietician suggested that you buy a different “trusted” brand every time as none of them have it all – I love Vita thion as it makes me feel better. At the moment I am taking a hair, nail and skin supplement as my hair is busy falling out and my nails as brittle as hell. The I add viral choice or such for the winter.

  3. I take vits on and off. To be honest, I’ve never really felt a difference when I take them. Is it not the aircon at the gym? Aircons trigger mine. The only think that works for me is a nasal spray. And it works. As long as I remeber to use it every day…

  4. I used to self – medicate… But then I met Mark. He does a hair analysis and makes up personalised supplements for each member of the family. Its cheaper and it’s more effective.

  5. After the Gynae advised me to take DS24 while pregnant I was converted and have continued to take them ever since all year round. If I feel a slight post nasal drip coming on I take echinaforce and religiously get the flu injection every year. I usually start the kids on echinaforce daily from March / April and the little one also gets Mucous balls from the homepath. So far so good. On the problem you have at the gym: Perhaps you should ask them what cleaning chemicals they use on the equipment etc. There may be something in there that is affecting you.

  6. What vitamins do you adults take, if any? I have just started with Omega 3 and 6 and Dolomite – but like in the last 3 months. I am slack with this. David takes nothing.

    Do you take the same set of vitamins right through the year or do you change your regime to accommodate for seasonal changes? I take them for as long as I remember to buy them.

    Do you read the labels and compare or do you just buy the cheapest one? I buy the cheapest!

  7. I am terrible with taking vitamins.
    I usually will take if one of the kids gets sick and I also up my vitamin C intake by drinking Orange juice.
    I also find my sinuses play up at the gym,I’m convinced the gym equipement is germ infested and I used to avoid touching anything.

  8. Since dairy is a likely culprit, try phasing dairy out of your diet for one month. If you experience no change in your symptoms, you’ve ruled out dairy as a possible allergen. If you experience an improvement in symptoms, you know that your body reacts to dairy by producing more mucus, although studies indicate a no clear link between dairy and mucus production.“;”

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