An Aftercare question and Poll

As is usual for this time of year I have been angsting about childcare for next year.

Daniel is going to Grade R at the school down the road and we are working on a plan for the girls for next year that could potentially be spectacular.  But it’s still in the works.

It’s around Daniel’s aftercare that Etienne and I have had many arguments disagreements heated discussions debates conversations.  See, it’s like this: Etienne had a stay-at-home Mom all his life.  In fact, he only went to any kind of school when he was 5, which certainly had it’s own set of challenges.  I, on the other hand, had 2 parents that worked full-time.  (I’m not whining about it, I totally get that they both had to work.)

The reality of my after-school life was that I was at various stages at home in the afternoons with a domestic worker, a latch-key child, in aftercare and with a lady who had a really creepy husband.  The only time my Mom was at home was the 3 months she was on Maternity leave with my sister and I was in Grade 1 at the time.  So, understandably I am really worried about what would be the best for Daniel, especially knowing that he leans toward his Dad’s introverted personality type.

Right now it is just not possible for me to not work full-time as sucky as that is, so we need to make a plan.

So here’s a little poll and I would very much appreciate it if you could vote and leave a comment if there is something I didn’t cover.

Please note:  I want to know what your reality is and would welcome any advice you could possibly give.  Even if you tell me to just suck it up.

9 thoughts on “An Aftercare question and Poll”

  1. My two go to a phenomenal after care – I pay for it but she collects them from school, takes them to their extra muruals, fetches them, does their homework, feeds them. They LOVE IT!

    If you can find a good one I would go the aftercare route. They have so much fun there. Its reliable. Some of them offer holiday care which also makes holiday stress easier.

  2. A HUGE factor for me was on-site aftercare that did homework (I too work full time … Which yes SUCKS [I DESPERATELY want to be at home with my girls!]) … we are fortunate our school provides that!

    I too was a child at home on my own while my mother went out to work full-time!

    School aftercares are geared for the kids and then you don’t have to tolerate “creepy husbands” JUST NOT AN OPTION FOR ME!

    Other than the unending lice problem that you will have … The kids love it, it gives them more time to play with their buddies. And I am hoping in the long run that it will make may oldest (11 years old) a little more street smart and independent! Fingers crossed!

    Warm regards
    Collette in Cape Town

  3. Aftercare at school is normally with less kids than during a normal school day, which allows introverts to make friends with extroverts, who will in turn facilitate introductions with other kids.  Kids make friends much easier than adults and I am sure that he would enjoy it.  Once he has 1 friend at Aftercare he will make more.  But its scary having your child go to ‘big school’, especially if he doesnt have a friend from his current school following the exact same path at the same time.  But its a good, safe, and fun, option if you have no other alternative. 

  4. My son goes to a lovely aftercare too! He gets fetched (even after extra murals), fed, is allowed lots of free play (with no TV), homework supervision and she even does holiday care which works really well for me.
    Unfortunately the reality these days is that both parents MUST work. Sad but true.

  5. My son goes to a small private aftercare (school one is too big for him) and has done since Grade R. He is fetched from school/extra murals, fed, his homework is supervised and he gets to play with other children who have become his friends. I am very happy that he is in such a nurturing environment and he loves it. I’m very sad that next year it won’t be possible for him to continue because he is going to a school that is too far away for him to be fetched.

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