An Epic Parenting Fail


I have made the most epic of all epic parenting mistakes. Ever.

Daniel hasn’t been well. It started with a sinus thing and skipped along into his chest. We both had a sinus/bronchitis thing this week and where I slowly got better, he just got worse despite being on Antibiotics and was coughing for most of last night.

So, another day at home and another doctor’s appointment and another script later we were hoping for the best.

And then. It hit me like a ton of bricks. He has been eating lunch at aftercare and they have sandwiches on tap for the kids during the afternoons. And stuff like pasta and crumbed food that our son never hardly ever gets at home because of his multitude of food intolerances. (Wheat, lactose, citrus, Sulphur Dioxide, nuts and most food label items that start with an ‘E’)

We (in our infinite wisdom) decided we would not be the anal retentive OCD patents and see if he could tolerate ‘normal’ foods and only twigged on after weeks of a sick child that clearly he cannot.

I remembered that he had the same chronic sinus/cough thing before we had him tested last time and it only improved when we strictly cut out the problem foods.

Know what’s the worst? When he was presented with a glass of Creme Soda and a pizza at a party last week with Moms from The New School and I visibly cringed at the sight I felt like The Tree Hugger Mom From Hell for admitting our kids don’t know carbonated drinks and I politely zipped my lips.

So sorry my boy.

5 thoughts on “An Epic Parenting Fail”

  1. dont worry. we cant get it right all the time. happened to me about a month ago. Carys got a burny bum and i couldnt figure out why until it dawned on me i packed grapes every day for school lunch and she had apple juice etc… all the acid! shame my poor baby’s bum. thank goodness for sudocrem. now i know. it didnt even cross my mind till i REALLY started to think about it. and there i thought how healthy. fruit every day. mmmmmmm. 

  2. Don’t knock yourself, parenting is not for sissy’s! We all make mistakes, otherwise we would not be human! You are doing a sterling job with all three kids! All you can do (and I’m sure you already have) is to enlighten the school & aftercare of his allergies. xx

  3. Ag don’t worry the two occations Gina landed up in hospital were both major parent failure moments on my part……………she had been given Aylesbury Tinroof Ice cream….with her NUT allergy.
    ………and don’t get me going with Samantha and the broken arm saga.
    Luckily we are human and we do f#### up a lot it’s what we do to prevent this from happening again that counts.
    Put your foot down and be ‘The tree hugger Mom!’

  4. I have been here with Kiara!

    She was lactose and gluten intolerant but would now and then have ice cream, pizza etc and the next day we would be at the Dr with tonsilitis or infected ears. So I feel your pain!!!

    The good news is she did outgrow it – I slowly started introducing the wheat first cos she tolerated that better and then the dairy and now she is fine with them both!!!!!

  5. Huge hugs. We all do this! My mom even had me on a strict diet of ham – when I had to avoid ALL pork to avoid migraines. Took us 3 days to figure out why. (yes, seriously). Be who you are, cos you are awesome. And you are not a Tree Hugger from Hell – you are a mom who adores and looks after her kids most excellently. S*%$$ the other moms if they think otherwise. Seriously. xx

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