And now for some completely random kid stuff

I went to the office today and made hubby take Isabel to the doctor after a rather interesting night last night. And she couldn’t find anything wrong with her.  So, we fed her some Stopayne tonight (on doctors orders) so let’s see.  She’s still drooling up a storm though, so I’m thinking it’s eye teeth, which are due round about now anyway.  No fever though.

Which made me think about when Mignon’s eye teeth come out we are going to k-k off.  She is the biggest drama queen out there and can scream her head off at the least provocation.

I don’t remember Daniel being a difficult teether, but I do recall those darn eye teeth were a bitch.

Then:  some thoughts please.

I’m toying with the idea of keeping the girls home next year and only sending them to a school in 2011 when they’ll turn 3.  I just cannot find a school I like and can afford that is open full day and during school holidays. so we would have to employ a nanny anyway. 

When is a good time to send them if you can keep them home?  Daniel did very well at 20 months, but the dynamic is very different with the girls and the fact that they are socialised.  I’m just worried that they will miss out on learning important skills.

Aarrggh, I’m finished, don’t know what to do anymore!

10 thoughts on “And now for some completely random kid stuff”

  1. You’ll know when they are ready for more. 3 is a good age. Some kids need it sooner but they have each other. I’d suggest though that the nanny does some activities with them during the day.

  2. I think as long as they are not plonked in front of the TV, there’s nothing wrong with them being at home, especially as they have each other for company.

  3. 3 is a good age, I think. I used to teach the youngest age group at a preschool – from 18 months to 3 years. Under 3, it’s more about crowd control and wee mopping than really learning much. Home is always nicer, specially if they’re together and have a good nanny to keep them occupied. But that’s just my 2c 🙂

  4. TV is forbidden during the day. Our nanny used to work in a creche, so I’m quite comfortable leaving her with th kids.

  5. I only sent my youngest to playgroup when she was 3,but it’s not full day and closed over holidays too.
    Some kids are just not good with teething,like some look half dead with a cold and others don’t even look sick with a temp of 40

  6. I don’t think that you need to worry about learning things, they have an older brother and they are learning from him all the time 😀
    I sent Jess at 4, but I was home with her all day and we did do “educational” things from about the age of 3, so she was up to speed with the other kids in her class. xx

  7. I only went to a pre-school the year before I went to school – so I was 6! I turned out allright, I think! 🙂
    With them bieng twins I think they will do fine another year at home – and mommy will have more peace of mind, which is also better!

  8. I think that it is fine to wait until 3. By then they will be toilet trained and speaking reasonably well. I would possibly (if you really want to) line up an activity or 2 for them. Maybe Kindermusiek or Monkeynastix or something similar. They will socialize at least once a week and also pick up some cool, much needed skills and stimulation.

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