And what was I thinking?

My parents have a container in their garden that used to be part of a water feature they now use as a little fish pond.  It is Daniel’s treat to feed the fish every time we go visit.

We have a similar container that belonged to the same water feature many moons ago, so I thought, hey, let’s do the same.

My parents have only lawn in their back garden,

We have:
1.  Trees
2.  Grass
3.  Flower beds
4.  a Sand pit
5.  a dog
6.  Peach pips to cover the soil in the rose garden

All of the above is now in the water in the container, before we even went to buy any fish and the dog thought is was a water bowl.

I think the fish are going to have to wait for now. 🙂

One thought on “And what was I thinking?”

  1. My neighbour has chickens, I think that is quite fun, but the chickens will last exactly 0,5 seconds with my dogs around. So no cute little chicks here!

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