Another pic of all 3!

HAHA, check this out!  For ages I wasn’t able to get any pics of the 3 of them and I’ve had a really good run the past week or so!

The girls have discovered that it is great fun to sit on the counter whilst Mom/Dad is cooking or chopping and, before anyone yells at me, they are not unattended for a second.  Wish I had a third pair of sunglasses!

Jeez.  Daniel really needs a haircut.

I might be a little scarce this week due to lots of work and PMS.  Holds thumbs I don’t piss any more people than usual off this month.  If you see someone walking around with a fist or a foot in their mouth it is more than likely me.

Have a good one!

17 thoughts on “Another pic of all 3!”

  1. Thanks! Didn’t even know you could. Clearly we need to have another little “training session”. You are after all the only person I listen to 🙂

  2. Lovely photo. Good luck with PMS. Keep a chocolate in your bag/desk drawer and also keep some Rescue on standby.

  3. Just go look at my Minki pics – she is forever on the kitchen counter. WE WILL BURN IN HELL….

    Cute pic btw

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