Another sick children story

On Friday afternoon I collected the kids and Mignon’s teacher said that she had been coughing in her sleep. They didn’t look great, so of course I tried the homeopath, but could only get an appointment for Saturday morning. But it was a really bad croup-like cough and I was really worried.

To cut a long story short, we had a night from hell on Friday night, I seriously contemplated taking her to the hospital at 4am. But we persevered with the humidifier and some left-over croup drops until we could take all 3 of them to see our favourite doctor. Daniel had the snots and Isabel was looking like her chest was also closing up.

I called our local hospital to check which paediatrician was on duty just for in case and the only one on duty this whole weekend is the one I have vowed never, ever to take my children to again as he has a nasty habit of over-medicating. Remember this story?

I think she needed a drink afterwards, all 3 of the kids were very un-sick-like and proceeded to systematically destroy her office, we were battling to have a conversation… Daniel was a star, climbed straight on and let her do her thing, Mignon refused to open her mouth and Isabel sat straight down and opened up her mouth. Funny bunch!

What I realised though is this: If I had taken Mignon to the hospital I can almost guarantee that she would have been admitted and pumped full of antibiotics and steroids. At about R1 000 for the appointment as it is weekend. Then I would still have had 2 other sick children that would have gone down the same road. Even if she would not have been admitted the medicine alone would have been about R500 just for her. You can do the math.

Even if the homeopath charges us double what she normally charges, we didn’t have to go and buy extra medicine and we skipped the antibiotics and steroids, a big plus for me. And they are much, much better today.

I understand that a homeopath cannot cure everything and my medical doctor friends sometime smirk at me, but after the events of the past 2 days I am more convinced than ever.

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