Arb little things

Tonight my darling Husband decided to attempt banana loaf.  The very same recipe I always, always get wrong. Out of the 1973 Kook en Geniet.  And it came out beautifully, all light and fluffy.  He is trying very hard not to gloat and failing miserably. Fine by me, he does the cooking anyway 🙂 

Some pics:

Daniel’s hairwash night.  Can you tell how happy he was about that?

As the kids’ school always starts a day after everyone else I had them at home today, so my Mom and I took them off to Stodels as they have a really nice play area.  (please don’t tell too many people,we are trying to keep the riff-raff out)

Isabel on the slide:

The girls sharing a laugh, Daniel had run off with Granny.

Mignon posing for her turn, she’s very into posing now, too sweet 🙂

We had some issues with fevers, snots and a little fight with the Clicks Pharmacy at 17h45 last night, but I’m hoping everyone will be fine!

25 thoughts on “Arb little things”

  1. oooh I can’t remember when I last had banana loaf!

    Never figured Daniel for one not to enjoy a head to toe wetting

  2. oooh I can’t remember when I last had banana loaf!

    Never figured Daniel for one not to enjoy a head to toe wetting

  3. Gorgeous photos of the girls as usual and fab action shot of Daniel doing a disappearing act. I also had D at home because he only starts a day later. Stodels looks very nice. Would we count as riff-raff if we went? 😉

  4. LOVE banana loaf!!! it is one of my absolute FAVOURITE things in the whole wide world!!!

    now i’m gonna be thinking about banana loaf all day long … 🙂

    gorgeous pics as always … love D trying to hide from his hair wash!

  5. What ? Stop the boat!….your hubby does all the cooking anyway, how lucky are you girl?? Love Daniels legs sticking out under the table, an ostrich comes to mind!! Did he know you could see him??

  6. Yes, hubby does most of the cooking, I have shamefully admit..
    Daniel started off hiding in a little huddle in the middle of the floor, so I’m pretty sure he knows we could see him, funny guy!

  7. Yay for great Hubbie and banana bread!!
    Pics are really super, we have been tightlipped about Stodels for ages now, really is a lovely place for the kids. xx

  8. A MOB there would be a great idea. I’m assuming it’s your side of the world so just give us enough notice to renew our passports and get visas. 😉

  9. Sounds like an eventful night. Banana loaf baking, fevers, fights, snots. Wow. Hope today is a bit calmer for you.

  10. Love the pics – they really are looking cute! Especially love the one of Daniel looking very impressed from what I can see of the legs. Reminds me of a little boy in this house….

    Well done to hubby on the banana bread. My hubby also does lots of the cooking, although he hates following a recipe! So no baking unless I do it! My mom has a recipe for Yorkshire Pudding that she got from my gran 100 years ago, and it ALWAYS flops 🙂 Granny used to make the best Yorkshire Puds with that recipe!

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