At War with 4

One of my favourite people on twitter, @mamabook, wrote this post about her 4 year old and is doing a blog hop.  We find ourselves just over and under that very special age at the moment, but I still have some gems to share.  Also, several of my friends have referred to it as the Fucking Fours.  I wouldn’t really know as I spent most of Daniel’s year of being 4 in a red wine induced coma.  I am stocking up as we speak before the girls hit 4 in March.

Even though Daniel turned 5 in May already, he recently started stomping his feet.  It fills us with mirth and we can’t help but laugh the times it doesn’t drive us mad.  And he sulks.  A lot.  That’s new too.  But mostly he goes and sulks in his room, so it doesn’t really bother us.  And his Barbie always goes with.  He loves his Barbie.

Because the girls are “second” children we forget that they are still quite small as they really give us a run for our money.  So in a sense they act a lot like 4 year olds already.

Mignon is just a girlygirl and loves pink and handbags and babies.  She has this silly laugh that makes the other two laugh, so it’s all good.  I will say this though: she’s a shrieker.  Those people that warn about the damage clubbing does to your hearing should spend some time in our house.

Isabel.  Well.  Her thing is “no thanks”.  As in: Please pick up your shoes/towel/clothes?  Standard response, delivered smartly: No thanks.  She has always had what my Mother calls the Gramophone Effect down pat.  She will keep repeating what she wants in a monotone voice until she either gets it or falls asleep.  No kidding.

What are the things that your 4 year olds do or did?


5 thoughts on “At War with 4”

  1. OH, I have 2 4 year olds – I need to connect with this one. The Princess really was the best ever since 4 – my expectations of 4 is that life gets better. Maybe  I will need some more wine soon as the boys are just past 4.

  2. Wow. The timing on this is astounding. Spent the last 24h pulling my hair out a bit about my 4 yr old, definitely going to channel some of that into a related post.
    Thank you!

  3. I have a bit of a crush on your Daniel and his foot stomping Barbie carrying ways! And Isabel’s “no thanks”. That is kind of fabulous when you are not her parent. At least you know she’ll never be coerced into doing something she really does not want to do. COmpletely off topic but your kids have the most gorgeous names. 
    And thank you for supporting my virginal attempt at blog hopping. 

  4. Oy. We are in the fearless four stage at the moment and it is seriously trying! It’s like he is in a power struggle with me or something. As if!

  5. Ai, the constant “Ek wil nie!” even before I finished asking/telling her, which is usually followed by “Ek sal more, hoor”.  Which, of course, never happens “more”.

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