Bad, bad girl.

We went off to buy our appliance late this afternoon.  All of us.  I felt like you do when you go to a really fancy place and you don’t fit in.  Very excited to be there, but desperate to look cool and like you spend a lot of time in similar places. 

Until the girls ate pieces of Styrofoam out of various appliances and I was running after them, trying to stick my fingers in their mouths to scoop the stuff out.  And then I had to mop Daniel’s drool off the carpet where he was looking at the TV displays.  Quick payment and exit after that.  I think the staff are still laughing.

I made a monumental faux pas at Daniel’s school today.  I opened my big fat mouth and spoke completely out of turn and am so embarrassed.  I called and apologised, but still feel really bad about it.  I hope his teacher forgives me 🙁

I have had to bite my tongue about so much lately, I don’t know what happened.  I need to start addressing the things that are bugging me!

Hectic weekend ahead, may everyone have a wonderful weekend, will catch up later!

9 thoughts on “Bad, bad girl.”

  1. LOL at the children in the furniture shop.

    I’m sure the faux pas was not as monumental as you think it was. Can you vent here about the things that are bugging you?

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I am also finding I ‘praat my mond verby’ more than ever these days. But you were big enough to apologise and that counts for something.

  3. Oohh, would LOVE to know what you said, cause lately i seem to be doing the same thing. Must be something in the air 🙂

  4. Yay! For the new washing machine! Hope it’s living up to all your expectations 🙂 Now you’re going to have it running overtime!
    At least the kids didn’t break anything 🙂 Bonus!

    I also seem to be opening my mouth to change feet at the moment – have been putting it down to PMS/AF but I can’t use the excuse for all 4 weeks of the month can I ? I’m sure they appreciate that you apologised!

  5. LOL, I tried desperately to fit it into the PMS box, but I’m afraid the timing’s all wrong 🙂

  6. Can vent to a certain degree, but some of it is about people in my life that I think read this blog..

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