Because this is too long for FB (and by default twitter). Parenting post alert.

I’m shamelessly crowd-sourcing advice.

Picture this: the girls were both coughing up a storm from early last week. By Thursday Mignon’s cough had cleared up, but Isabel’s got worse.

It’s that I’m-going-to-hack-up-a-lung cough. It is 24/7 and it is driving us insane. Well, more Etienne than me because he is a terribly light sleeper and I’m an insomniac that sleeps through almost everything once I’m actually asleep.

I took her to a GP we don’t normally see as ours wasn’t available on Saturday and SURPRIZE! left with a script for AB’s and some fancy cough medicine. It was one of those surreal conversations with the doctor:

Me: I’m worried about her chest and I had some Pulmicort, so I nebbed her last night
GP: ‘listens to chest’ Her chest is fine. (Said in that ‘you terrible Mother how dare you neb the child that clearly has nothing wrong with her chest’ voice)
Me: Er. She doesn’t feel warm, but she was looking pale and listless when I came home last night.
GP: ‘takes temperature’ She doesn’t have a temperature.
Me: I’m really worried about that cough, we’ve even tried a cough suppressant at night and that doesn’t seem to help
GP: At this point she is giving me the serious side-eye and takes out a picture of sinuses. When doctors start taking out pictures of body parts I tend to start rocking and humming in the corner. She launches into a long explanation about getting the phlegm loose and how terrible it is for them to have the cough suppressed. Which made perfect sense at the time, but all I could think of was how we (Etienne) were going to sleep until the child is better. I’m selfish that way you know, I enjoy sleeping on occasion.
Me: (yup, at this stage I was only opening my mouth to swap feet) It’s probably a good thing to dry things up too?
GP: (horror stricken) You do NOT want to dry the sinuses up! Otherwise the ‘insert big doctor words for snot here’ stays there and she doesn’t get better.

So, I did what any self-respecting Mother would do: I sucked it up and diligently bought the AB’s and fancy cough medicine.

That was on Saturday, 3 days ago. In my vast (!!) experience of dispensing AB’s I know that they tend to work between 24-48 hours. Which this hasn’t. At all. In fact, her cough is getting worse.

It has been suggested (by the ever-helpful folk on twitter) that children could cough like that because of, and brace yourself, worms. I’ll be buying the Vermox tomorrow, but I’m so over this now.

I’m not quite sure where to from here. Our regular GP? Stuff the other doctor and give the cough suppressant anyway?

What do you think?

Oh, and I nebbed her tonight. Just because I can. Judge me, I don’t care.

4 thoughts on “Because this is too long for FB (and by default twitter). Parenting post alert.”

  1. Hi, I gave the same advice to a friend yesterday: my kids are apparently prone to asthma etc because I have eczema and other immune issues. So my GP prescribed a bronchilator (pump) that especially helps for those night-time coughs that sound like they are choking. Asthavent or Seraflo, with a spacer. Get another gp’s advice – we did not sleep for weeks because our baby coughed non-stop. One pump now at night and no issues. Good luck!
    ps: your site won’t accept my website address –

  2. See an ENT. Often what we think is a chesty cough is either an asthma cough or a post-nasal cough. True chesty/wet coughs come with bronchitis, and he wouldn’t have missed that. (Doctor’s wife talking here.) Both my girls, now aged 11 and 14 have been on Zyrtec every day since they were two for allergies – works a treat, and inwent to a talk by a paed who said they can stay on it till they’re 18. When my youngest gets a persistent cough, the husband puts her on Singulair for a month and it clears. Singulair is an asthma med in SA, but in the US it’s used for allergies as well. Worth investigating via an ENT, I reckon. For what it’s worth.

  3. Ditto what the others have said already. I spent ten days trying to get all sorts of doctors to take me seriously as my daughter with no temperature or outward sign of infection coughed herself to death. The only thing that worked was nebbing (i have found combivent more effective), aspelone and to relook at her asthma meds for maintenance. Now I use the ventolin spray (same as combivent) as soon as I see a snot nose or hear a cough. So far, she seems much better. Try to see a pulmonologist paed (Dr Sinclair in CT is an allergy specialist but not sure about lungs although he seems really good all round ;)). You need to find the right meds – Zyrtec makes my kids super depro so it really is a case of finding the right doc to manage the whole thing 🙂

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