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 The Blogototallytrivial quiz

Nicknames: Liefie, T-rex

Silliest childhood nickname:

Most likely to say:  Whatever 

Least likely to say: “I’d rather have salad please”

Best job ever:  When I worked at The Table Bay

Worst job ever: Waitress at a restaurant on Santorini

Best book ever: The Time Traveller’s Wife

Book everyone else loved that I just couldn’t get into:  Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Slightly embarrassing book addiction: Um, Nora Roberts…

Few people know that I… would love to be a writer and Reiki Master

Most recently, I lost… 5kgs, but managed to gain them back through hard work and perseverance 🙂

I make really good lasagne.

You probably missed that fact that… my husband cooks every night and is a wonderful father!

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