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Hi everyone,

I absolutely love Parent24 and if it wasn’t for Adele, Zayaan and Robi and everyone here I probably would have drowned in a sea of vodka by now.

This year, however, I have made myself some promises besides the ‘lose 30kgs and get fit’ stuff.  I am taking more time for myself this year and I really want to start writing on more diverse topics, as much as our kids are such an easy thing to write about.

So, to this end I have created another blog because, as all of us here, I am many things, not just a Mom.  It’s still looking a bit bare, but I’ll get there!

Wish me luck!

ps: I am not breaking up with you, just seeing other blogs 😛

20 thoughts on “Blogging stuff”

  1. Aw, I’m a bit sad that you’ll be seeing other blogs 🙁 I hope we still get to see you enough this side to keep up with your adventures 🙂
    But good for you expanding your horizons!! I will try to keep up with you on the ‘other side’ 🙂

  2. will definitely visit 🙂

    hope we still get our regular dose of mum and kids news and stories though 🙂

  3. Sjoe, I admire you. I don’t have enough time to maintain the blog I have, much less start another one! Will definitely visit you on your other blog.

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