Bobotie fail

I decided to attempt bobotie tonight.  As part of my cooking turn.  I should have known it could go pearshaped when hubby had to remind me to do rice.  And a side dish.  I was so focused on doing the bobotie I completely forgot about the rest.

Oh, and I offered to make some for my friend Sue who has just come out of hospital.

My biggest problem is that I think I’m a much better cook than I really am.  Which is proven over and over again by the trail of failed banana loaves and cakes I have donated to unsuspecting domestic helpers and our Labby.

Hubby gave me the recipe he uses, which I of course promptly forgot at home this morning.  Never fear, I found another recipe on Food24, so off I went to the shops.  But forgot the new recipe in the car and was in a rush.  I only forgot extra rice and onions, so we only had 1 onion at home.  Oh well.

I collected the children, sat in traffic and arrived home late, armed with my shopping.

Set out the 2 recipes and got going.  Chopped onions, vaguely remembered something about eggs and cream, mixed that, chucked spices in with onions and then the meat.  Oops, forgot the bread and milk. Oh well, mixed that in and chucked it in the oven.  Only to realise that it was meant to get more eggs/milk mixture halfway through.  And the one recipe calls for cooking the meat beforehand with the onions and the other doesn’t.  My best part was sticking the bay leaves on the top, even though I was convinced the one stem was a worm.  Close call!

Notes to self:

1.  try working from only 1 recipe at a time.

2.  try reading the recipe you decide to stick to before starting the proceedings.

It actually turned out quite well, even if the children only ate dry rice for supper..

ps: please don’t tell Sue that I effed up her bobotie?  Thanks!

15 thoughts on “Bobotie fail”

  1. LOL! I think your problem is you are too ambitious about what culinary delights you are going to conjure up on a weekday night when you get home late. Keep it simple, sister!

  2. LOL!At least it was stil edible!! All’s well then!! I once burned slap chips to a black crisp!! hahahha

  3. That’s so funny. Let the parent who has never botched up the cooking in some way throw the first rubbery fried egg.

  4. Oh no! Working from 2 recipes at once is too confusing! Well done for making supper 🙂 As LL says, keep it simple! Complex stuff is for weekends!

  5. Think we need to start that recipe book with tried and tested recipes from the Sprog Bloggers.
    Sorry Sue no Bobotie for you

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