Boiling blood

I am so cross.  As cross as I haven’t been in years.

There is a issue at Daniel’s school that (in my opinion) has been blown completely out of proportion.  It has lead to some parents taking their children out of the Primary School on the farm where the Pre-Primary school is.  And one of these parents has started an on-line campaign.

Well, I have news for you.  Game on.  We love the school and will not allow you to sabotage it through misinformation and misinterpretation and sheer pettiness.

16 thoughts on “Boiling blood”

  1. you have my attention now and as a very active parent in my childs school would love to know what it is that has your back up. I know I am being nosy…

  2. Sheesh! Went to read up about it now. What a nutter. I hope you guys get to crush him soon.

  3. Ooooh! A fight! Must be serious to have gone ‘online’! Or just some ridiculously petty parent?
    I immediately thought of myself here! Sent a snotty-ish letter to T’s teacher this morning! But I don’t live anywhere near you, T obviously doesn’t go to the same school, and I haven’t escalated it to an online fight yet. Guilty conscience? Oi!

    Hope it’s resolved soon!

    You go girl 🙂

  4. If I were Mr Petty Would-be-saboteur, I would be quaking in my boots at having incurred your wrath. Go for it, Tania. We’ve got your corner.

  5. Hectic, am busy with my own school battle too, not quite as aggressive but equally debilitating. My daughter’s teacher refuses to meet with us, every heard of that?

    Get ’em good Tania!!

  6. You go Tania, I hate unfairness and some people just love to smear their own agenda onto just about anything. Good Luck, keep us posted. xx

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