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I am about to become a proud participant and member of a Book club for the first time since before having twins!   Deblet and Tertia kindly invited me to join their new book club and our first meeting is tonight.

If you visit here often you’ll know that I don’t like reading, I LOVE reading.  I’ll read almost anything, so I’m very happy to be joining the ranks of the Liberated Moms That Go To Bookclub.  It all sounds very grown-up, doesn’t it?  Snort.

I’m quite nervous.  Will the other girls like me?  Should I wear heels or ugg boots?  Which book should I take to this new venture so I am viewed as a serious reader?  Do I WANT to be viewed as a serious reader or a wine guzzling, fun-loving Mom? 

Earlier I was thinking back at the various book clubs I have been a member of, and if memory serves there were about 3:

Book club 1:  What books?  Where’s the wine?  (I was single at the time)

Book club 2:  Oh look, there’s 30 of us, lets’ drink wine! (just before and just after I got married) shudder.

Book club 3: My favourite (so far of course!).  A while before we had Daniel and up to when Daniel was a few months old.  I loved, loved, loved this book club.  Some very special friends and that is where I got Mignon’s name from.  We were quite organised (thanks to that Mignon!) and we actually discussed the books we read. 

Wish me well, hope everyone has a lovely evening!

ps: Have I mentioned hubby is going away on some boys thing for 4 days tomorrow?  gulp.

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  1. Good luck! I’ve never mastered the art of playing well with others, so have never tried a book club. Hope you have fuuuuuun!

  2. I was a member of a book club once. Pre-hubby, pre-kids, and all I distinctly remember was the food and alcohol 😀
    I don’t have to time to go to one now, never mind actually read a book 🙂
    ENJOY it!!
    PS Love the new background 🙂

  3. well wishings!! Knowing that hubby is going away for a few days AND considering it’s going to be a Boys thing…DO ask where’s the wine, and Do add a bit of the wine-guzzling fun-lovingness…

  4. Lol, I think that’s why I had to boot myself out of the last bookclub – I’m so bad at being social. Still have warm feelings for wading through piles of books for the perfect one, though.

  5. Hope you had fun. I’m actually looking for a book club to join as well. Pity you are so far.
    And sjoe…good luck for the next 4 days. Wine and Rescue are your BFFs in times like this..x

  6. Enjoy your book club. I have also been part of a few. 2 involved actual books – now we just have dinner and chat.

  7. Thanks Jules, suspect I’ll be relating a lot of it here 🙂
    If you feel like making the big trek out this way I’m sure we can arrange a visa for you? 🙂

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