Brag and Ism’s

When I collected Daniel from school today his teacher told me that he recognises several of the children’s names such as his own, Ryanne, Jamie and Olivia.  She rattled off a couple more, but I was really gobsmacked!  She thinks that he should be able to write his own name by December, he is already doing the “d”.  She also thinks that he might be able read by the end of next year!  We won’t pressurise him, but I am SO chuffed!   (He is almost 3.5 yrs old, he was born in May 2006)

My Mom suggested that we write the names of everything on stickers and stick them up all over the house.  I’m contemplating it, but will have to retrieve the stickers out of the girls’ grubby little paws a lot.  But it’s worth it!  Any suggestions are welcome!

One of his mates at school is also called Daniel and his surname is Storm.  This afternoon we were talking about the names he can read and he solemnly said that he can read Daniel Rain’s name. LOL!

Hubby was lying with him the other night and when he got up Daniel looked up and said: “Waarheen gaan jy?”   Funny little boy.

Mignon was pointing at hubby last night saying “MY Pappa” and said it again in the car this avie, and this of course led to a argument with Daniel about whose Daddy was whose Daddy.  It is starting early…

Lastly, last time I took them to have their hair cut, I was charged R35 per child at my regular hairdresser.  So, I dragged them off to have the chop again today and was whacked with a R210.00 bill.  R70.00 EACH!!!  There is a place in Tygervalley that a kids exclusive hairdresser and they charge R65.00.  I ask you with tears in my eyes.  I was VERY annoyed, am considering not going back there again, even for myself.  I mean, he pretty much cut fringes and they were all 3 very good! 

2 thoughts on “Brag and Ism’s”

  1. That sounds ludacris at their age – esp just to do a fringe.
    Many kids learn by recognition – we used to label things around the class – table, chair etc and some picked it up really easily. Others didn’t seem to notice.

  2. Mmm, in that case I’ll give it a bash and see if he notices. Maybe I’ll start with words that start with d and o as those are his favourite. OK, so what starts with d and o??

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