Brag and supper

Brag:  ALL our children were in bed and quiet by 7h30pm tonight. For the first time EVER!  They might all wake up at 2am hungry as only Isabel ate supper, but hey.  For now I’m having an illegal celebratory glass of wine.

Thanks for all the comments and advice about cooking supper.  I think we will take turns and we will definitely start planning our meals for the week. 

I managed to not ef up our supper tonight and made potato wedges with rock salt and paprika, chicken breasts with grated mozzarella mixed with chopped spring onion with crumbed cracker bread over and salad.  Eh, how about that??  Hubby’s turn tomorrow as I’m working late and it’s Shepherd’s pie.Thursday night is roast chicken night, so we are sorted for the week.

My dear friend Sue is going in for spinal surgery tomorrow and will be flat on her back for 3 months.  Hugs my friend, we’ll all help take care of you, hubby and little R!

25 thoughts on “Brag and supper”

  1. Congrats on the sleeping babas! 🙂 Enjoy the wine 🙂

    Pass some food related advice my way? – I’m USELESS, it is always a last minute panic!!!

    Supper sounds divine 🙂

    Thinking of Sue – glad she has friends like you!

  2. Your dinner sounds scrumptious! (having been on bovril toast since Sunday, I’m doubly salivating reading that)

    Big love and hugs to Sue xxxxx

  3. Your dinner sounds delish. I normally have some form of roster and don’t make food that takes longer than 10 minutes of prep. I also don’t make dishes with too many ingredients (5 – 7 ingredients at most) because this can also complicate my life a bit. I get inspiration off Food24, What;s for Dinner and a couple of other sites.
    Enjoy your glass of wine (I’m about to go and pour myself one) and best of luck to Sue..x

  4. Yay for you getting the kids in bed early. There must have been something in the air last night ‘cos our two were also in bed by 7:30.

  5. dinner sounds like it was delish!!!
    Yay for all 3 being in bed by 7:30. may it happen over and over again! 🙂

  6. Well done to you all!
    Just tell your friend to do EXACTLY what her surgeon tells her. I went through spinal surgery at the age of 23 and was off work for 6 months, todate (touch wood) I have had no major problems and I think it is because I did as I was told. So many people, especially Moms with kiddies, feel better and go and do too much. That will cause enormous problems later. Good luck to her and I will send a little Angel to help her recover. xx

  7. 7:30?!?!?!
    Fark dinner, you wanna come get my kids to bed? 😀

    But well done on what sounds like a delish gourmet dinner!!! It does help to have a ‘plan’!

    Thoughts, prayers and hugs for Sue & her family! You really are a great friend! 🙂

  8. Hope Sue came through her surgery okay and does just what you have told her to do. As women I think we are guilted into this whole nurturing thing from birth and it does backfire on you eventually. Well done having everything so organised despite working full time and having a scrumptious meal on the table. Also may the children be in bed every night at this time particularly while you are working late at night.
    Good luck.

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