Can’t touch this

I had a rough morning (one of those I’m a bad mother mornings) and ended up having to cancel my afternoon appointments and take Daniel to the homeopath.  So, in realising that my whole day was feeling like a write-off anyway I went to the Chinese shop in town to look for stuff for Daniel’s party next week.  Had loads of fun and spent far too much money!

I ended up buying ‘shades’ for the party packs and a couple extra for the kids. Mignon was in heaven..

She refused to take them off šŸ™‚

We are off to the school’s nature walk tomorrow morning. I’m taking wine.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

12 thoughts on “Can’t touch this”

  1. Loove it! Is that the one opposite the Castle in Sir Lowry’s road? also get lost in there.

  2. Gasp, you mean there’s another one in town?? This one is in the CBD, across the road from the Picbel arcade?

  3. Super cool shades! Not surprised she wouldn’t take them off. Hope Daniel is better soon. Enjoy the nature walk.

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