Captains Log – Day 1

Day 1 without Etienne as he left on a boys trip this morning and will be gone until Sunday.  (I know what you’re thinking by the way.  How fabulous that she won’t have to put out on Father’s Day! Heh.)

This morning went well under the circumstances: hectic rain, Isabel not wanting to get up, Daniel not wanting to get dressed, Mignon wanting to know where Daddy is etc etc.  There were no tears and we were only 5 minutes behind our normal schedule.  AND everyone’s teeth got cleaned before we left the house.  Bloody miracle if you ask me.  I still had time to fight with our (otherwise fantastic) live-in domestic lady Sylvia because she smoked in her room.

And now I hear you wonder what I was doing in her room.  Well, the story goes like this:

The wonderful Sally Cameron is driving a project to get people to knit/crochet hats for children with cancer and I vaguely recall being able to crochet and I really have nothing better to do for the next few days so I thought I would grab my old crochet books that happen to be in Sylvia’s room as her room used to be my office and all our reference books are stored there.  And the window was WIDE open, there was an enormous amout of air-freshner sprayed that barely masked the horrible smell (Yes, I’m a terrible ex-smoker.  So sue me.)

So, to cut a long story short, I will be attempting to crochet a hat or 2 this weekend.

I don’t see much of it in my future for tomorrow though as I have to collect our new doggy from the Animal Anti-Cruelty League and some super special friends are coming over for lunch and crowd control.  And then back to work on Friday.

Just as a side-bar, Mignon came home with a tiara from school on Friday that she wore the ENTIRE weekend. In fact, she came waltzing into our room at 06h00 on Saturday morning wearing the tiara.  When it came to Monday I promised to buy her her own tiara if she would return the other tiara.  And I’m such a wuss.  I stood in front of the tiaras and wands that were a whopping R9.99 and thought that I couldn’t just buy a tiara for Mignon, I would buy one for Isabel too.  Which meant that I also had to buy one for Daniel.

Here’s the result:

Another one for the 21st file..

5 thoughts on “Captains Log – Day 1”

  1. Such a nice pic of the prince and princesses.
    I also signed up for Sally’s challenge. I am going to buy knitting needles and some wool this weekend. And I will have to download knitting tutorial from google because I am not sure if I can still knit. The last time I did any form of knitting was in Standard 5. About 21 years ago. Good luck for the rest of your SMM stint. I’m sure that you will rock it.x

    1. LOL, my crochet books are all in Afrikaans and the patterns in English.  Which means I had to google every single stitch!

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