Catching up

This is a catch-up post, it’s been mad.

What a fun week we had last week and tomorrow the girls turn 5. I’m stocking up on tissues, can’t believe they are 5!

I came down with a sinus, chest blahblah thing last weekend and took the afternoon off on Tuesday to go home and sleep. I had just fallen asleep when Norma comes to tell me there’s a phone call. It turns out its aftercare: Isabel fell forward over a chair and broke her fall with her hand. They’ve checked, it looks ok, should they still send her to ballet? As much as I appreciated the call I was a little baffled, if the child’s arm is ok and she wants to do ballet surely she should just do ballet?

Off back to bed I go and I vaguely hear the kids come home and later Isabel comes into our room, proud as punch, arm in a bandage and sling. My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

So, I put on a bra and pants and off to the hospital we went. On the way there I called aftercare in my best WTAF voice and was told that they try to give parents the facts, but they try not to upset parents with too much information and sometimes you have to “read between the lines”. I assured them that I would be upset either way, so rather give it to me upfront and “reading between the lines” is not one of my superpowers.


Our little trooper
Our little trooper

The locum took one look at Isabel’s arm and carted us off to X-rays (already after 5pm) after taking my temperature (I had a fever people!) and giving me a script for antibiotics. That little girl of ours is one tough little cookie, she didn’t as much as flinch when they were poking and prodding, even though you could see that she was in a fair amount of pain.

Diagnosis: Greenstick Fracture of the right wrist, slab and bandage for 2 weeks, no cast needed.

The next morning I receive a call from the aftercare manager, a lovely woman whom I have loads of time for. It seems there was a miscommunication of the severity of Isabel’s injury and yes, they will rather give me news straight up in future, none of that reading between the lines malarkey.

I’m still not 100% convinced we will be ok with a slab and bandage for 2 weeks, but I’m also not sure if it will scream OCD mother if I take her to an Ortho for a second opinion.

What would you do?

The chest sinus thing? The locum at hospital wasn’t too concerned over my less-than-stellar state of health; he gave me a script and said that if I wasn’t better in 2 days I should then probably get the antibiotic. It is now a week later and I am now on steroids (after a visit to our regular GP on Saturday) because my ears are so blocked and ringing constantly. So you’ll forgive me if I don’t rate that locum’s opinion very highly.

This coming week is all about party preparation, so I’m slave-driving poor Etienne to get all the bits and bops done before Saturday and still remain sane. I’m hoping it’ll all work out well, which it will, I’ll just OCD the crap out of it as usual.

cookieLastly: Yuppiechef sent me an awesome Letterpress cookie set (for free!!) that I took for a spin yesterday, thinking I would make cookies with the girls’ names on for school. The results are actually not too bad, let’s hope they look ok when I’m done decorating.

May you have a lovely week!

Ps: did you see that I’m giving away 2 tickets to go and see Koos Kombuis with us this coming Sunday? Hurry and comment here, it closes today.

7 thoughts on “Catching up”

  1. You do what you need to do, they are your babies … Have a fun week preparing, get better and have a ball at the party! Poor little love …

    Warm regards
    Collette Merritt (Zenith)

  2. Wishing you unicorns and bubbles! ANd good party planning. And who are you kiding – of course there will be a little freak out somewhere. BTW I would have totally freaked out at the aftercare!

  3. LOVE your cookies!!! I need that cookie set.

    I would wait 2 weeks and see how it is after that but then I have an irrational fear of ortho’s so I wouldn’t sommer go there.

  4. love the cookies! Can’t believe the girls are turning 5 tomorrow! I was amazed this last week at hour brave these little angles can be – ours came down with tonsillitis and they did not make a peep, needless to say Rob and I ended up with the sore throats, coughing and spluttering – feeling like crap – and these 2 just carry on happily – amazing! Hope you feel better before the weekends festivities xxx

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