They changed our access to the internet at work, so I can’t just “pop in” and visit/check my blog during the day.  It has also been chaos at work and I have been busy until all hours, so it is a bit crazy right now.

Nothing much has changed, except for a new boss.  I still hate traffic, Daniel is still potty training, Mignon is still walking (fast) and Isabel not.

It is their birthday next week and I’m having a Fairy party on Sat – any suggestions?

I miss catching up during the day, but promise to visit at night!


7 thoughts on “Chaos”

  1. Well as long as we still see you. I don’t understand employers blocking blogs, surely we are all adults? Well, I would think that, I suppose! Re fairies, I envy you, with two boys I never got to play with pink and glitter.

  2. Sorry got no idea, but give me a year or two with my girl and I’ll probably have lots. 😉

  3. Make them wands from sosatie sticks and wings from xrays….You fold them in half then cut out wing profile and use a punch to make 4 holes then you thread elastic through…..lots of glitter looks very cute

  4. Thanks for the visit – lol @ parentEd re comment about not understading employers – YEAH RIGHT and most people DO NOT SPEND MOST OF THEIR DAY HERE – *eg*

    As for the fairy ideas – WOW – what ever you do – lots of glitter, sprinkles, sparklers and candy floss!

  5. Well that party is really sounding great. Lots of fairylights, would do, and of course glitter, put glitter on the kids. Hope you take lots of pics to show us!!Seems like Mignon and Isabel is trying to each find their own identity. Isabel is probably thinking, well if she is walking I wont, cos that is her thing, and this is mine, and this way we each get lots of unique attention. lol.

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