Check out my Youtube link!

I managed to get a video clip of the girls playing this avie and loaded it on Youtube 🙂 Hope it works!

It is really, really time for Nanny to come back and school to start.  My children are beyond listening to my pleas, asking, begging, screaming like a banshee.  They laugh in the face of danger.  Little shits.

Isabel ate black crazy clay.  That was a fun nappy.

Mignon climbs on the kitchen table and tries to hang on the lampshade.

Daniel keeps pulling the cushions off the couch after jumping off the edge.


Can’t wait to go and kiss them all before I go to bed though and look at those little faces..

10 thoughts on “Check out my Youtube link!”

  1. Pragtig,.. hulle lyk baie lief vir mekaar,…

    Gaan loer een van myne as jy wil (effens meer dramaties maar miskien geniet jy dit)

  2. Happy New Year and belated Happy Birthday! Hope this is a wonderful year for you and yours. Just been catching up on your posts. Loved the photos – thanks for sharing. Also loved the grandparents post. I also associate Friar’s Balsam with one of my grans but we always put it in hot water and steamed with it when we had flu or sinus. Didn’t know you could use it on bashed toes. And on this post: I hear you, sister! There should be a cloning service available over holidays when Super Nanny is on leave. If I could clone more of me, at least one of me can sit with her feet up and read a book!

  3. Oh my!!! you will be glad when you have Nanny back.
    Sending you strengthening hugs (( )) I sure hope they help. xxxx

  4. I also can’t wait for routine to get back to normal cos my toddler is driving us batty. Just yesterday my couch was “painted” with Vaseline Intensive Care for Men and my bathroom wall had the entire tube of toothpaste on it. Eish…xx

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