We had our work kiddies Christmas party today.  The venue was lovely, lots of place for the kids to run and swim etc.

I dragged poor hubby and the 3 kids along, which meant that he ran after Daniel for 3 hours and I had the girls.  We were FINISHED when we finally got home and all literally passed out.  We have 4 weeks of holiday ahead of us of which we will be without any form of domestic help for 2 of them.  Ohmigod, I’m petrified!

I have several friends living overseas with small kids and we almost also took the plunge earlier this year to move to Dublin, but decided against it.  Thank goodness we stayed and for nannies and domestic help, because I would have been on some serious medication to cope (or an alcoholic!).

So, to all those far away friends and my friends that are single parents, you rock!  There is a special place in heaven for each of you!

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  1. Wow, is sounds like a handfull, and o yes yes yes for the domestic help here in good ol SA! Waiting for some pics of em!

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