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I have a habit of going to the gift fairs around this time of year and do the majority of my Christmas shopping there.  I also have a habit of putting all the gifts in really, really safe places and only finding them the following February.  Which works out well as I then have birthday gifts for the year 🙂

The years I do find the gifts I normally decide 2 days before Christmas I don’t like them anymore and go buy other stuff.

I also normally do the shopping for the girls and hubby buys for the guys.  Supervised of course. 

This year, I have vowed, will be different.  I only bought half the stuff I would normally buy, partly due to budget and put it in my cupboard where I would see the stuff every day.

What kind of Christmas shopper are you?  Have you finished your shopping already or will you be dashing from store to store at 4pm on Christmas eve?

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  1. In our family we only buy gifts for the kids (all of them) and this suits me just fine. Else it becomes too expensive. I am normally quite good with doing this. I decide beforehand what each kid will get (and I really love shopping for the girl children in the family) and I then take my list and go to the shops sometime in December, say 2 weeks before Christmas. However, every single year without fail I end up wrapping presents on Christmas eve because by the time I’ve paid for said gifts I am highly annoyed at the shop crowds and just leave without using the free gift wrap service. This year it will definitely be different.
    My family is really big on birthday gifts though..xx DH (or rather Father Christmas) is only in charge of sorting out our 2 kids. HE is really good at that and can spend hours in TOYS R US by himself. Me? Not so much.

  2. Different families means different traditions. For mom’s side we get a name out the hat and a budget and buy one useful present. For Dad’s family we usually buy something for Dad and Stepmom and something small like choc’s for the cousins. With my siblings it is also something small and only if you are visiting the country. There are 6 of us so it gets expensive.

    Of course Tash is the most spoilt.

    And for friends I make gifts.
    I saw these really cool plastic bottles at Rain in Willowbridge and am thinking of doing something in a bottle this year. Not sure what just yet, something different. Going with the message in the bottle idea perhaps filling them with some sweeties 😉

  3. We do Christmas presents for the children in the family and of friends. I buy things as I see them and have a box of gifts bought that way. I make a list, look at what I’ve got and then go and buy the rest. This year there will be 8 adults for Christmas so we had a draw and each person only has to buy for one person. That way each adult gets a present but it doesn’t break the bank. Of course, the bank is already broken by the children’s presents! Thanks for this reminder – D still needs to do his letter to Father Christmas. So Father Christmas knows what to get.

  4. We are having a very different Christmas this year. My folks are going to my brother in PE, we could have gone too, but Jess won’t leave her animals!
    Her best friend will be in the USA and her Mom and I have decided that this year we will use the money we would have spent on each others kids to buy something our own really need/want.
    We haven’t bought for adults for years now, but I always get something for my Mom and Dad.
    I’m the one you see flying round the shops at 10mins before closing on 24th Dec, ’cause I just need that bit extra for whatever. xx

  5. Not much of a christmas gift shopper – I believe in small gifts for Christmas, so Hubby and I will usually choose a date early in December and do our shopping all at once!

  6. I’m generally a last-minute type shopper which I swear every year I won’t do again. Problem is, if I had to go shopping for gifts now, I’d end up finding something better by the time Christmas comes, and end up spending waaaay too much!

    The grandparents & aunty spoil the kids rotten! We try to get something thoughtful for our parents, and for SIL & her BF.

  7. Also a last minute shopper me. Used to buy gifts for every single family member, but this year we decided as a family to only buy for the kids.
    I of course will buy Hubby something and he will (hopefully) buy me a Nomination bracelet.

  8. I try to get all the kids shopping done before the holidays start,that way I can get it all wrapped and packed away before I have three very nosey kids poking around.
    I make lists of what gifts to buy for other friends and famil and try to buy from now until Xmas

  9. We used to buy for our parents, siblings and kids (including cousins kids, but not the adults) But this year we arent buying for anyone, and we have told everyone not to buy for us either. If PIL, and my hubbies siblings want to buy for our 2 boys, they can, but they dont have to. Money is just way too tight to buy for everyone. The problem is that hubbies parents usually go overboard (case in point, they bought me a R800 George Foreman grill) so we usually feel obligated to buy them extravagant gifts too. No More! It will be a bit weird this year, just getting a present from Hubby. Hope he gets me something nice 🙂

  10. Haha, I also fall in the wrapping trap every year. But we normally share the load over a glass of wine 🙂

  11. I have to remember that, the kids are in all the cupboards these days. How do you manage to hide the gifts??

  12. My parents also used to go overboard, it does put you under pressure to buy them expensive gifts as well. This year is very different, very little money now.

  13. I battle to sit still in front of the TV. If I’m not on the lap top I’m cooking or doodling or doing something with my hands.

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