Coffee table fun

Mignon was going mad after supper tonight as she was desperately trying to climb on the coffee table.  Isabel was hot on her heels of course.  They are copying their brother who mostly stays off the coffee table these days as it has a prime view of the TV. Mostly.

She is turning into a real little actress, I took about 10 pics and she is smiling for the camera in each one, Isabel isn’t really that interested.


I also tried getting a shot of the three of them together, but this was the closest I got:

In the car this avie Daniel asked if we were going to “koala fish” and after much interpreting I realised he was talking about Willowbridge.  He got an animal book for his birthday that daddy has read to him 2 nights in a row and he can name every single animal in the book – even foreign ones like bats etc that he doesn’t normally come across.  Clever boy!

6 thoughts on “Coffee table fun”

  1. Cutie Pies,now just hope they don’t start jumping from the table onto the couch…gives me a heart attack every time

  2. Just look at those little faces! Why do kids seem to be born with the total lack of fear?
    Clever boy Daniel, lovely that he likes books.

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