Colour Code me

This cracked me up this morning:

This is what my life has come to.  Colour co-ordinated lunchboxes.  But hey, whatever it takes. 🙂

Daniel had the weirdest rash/swollen cheeck this afternoon that spread to his chin and stopped there.  We pumped him full of homeopathic meds, but I’ll check him before we go to sleep.  The skin isn’t broken so I don’t think he fell, but it also doesn’t look like an allergic reaction.  Weird.

I would like to apologise to each and every Mom I have ever smirked at that has complained about tantrums because, until this evening, I had absolutely NO idea what a real tantrum was.  Mignon went completely nuts because she wanted to fiddle around on the potties and not bath, then not get out of the bath, then not get dressed etc etc etc and she had a fall down tantrum the likes of which we never experienced with Daniel.  At first we gawked at her, until we figured out what it was and then we simply walked away and left her to it.  Sorry doll, we don’t entertain that kind of behaviour.

But she did get a hug and a kiss and a cuddle when she came around.  And they were all dog tired tonight.

There is so much I need to fit into this month, I really wish it was a week longer!!

14 thoughts on “Colour Code me”

  1. That’s a great idea when you have to pack different lunches! i hope you manage to get all your stuff done this week.

  2. Your colour coding is very sensible and organised.

    Welcome to the world of tantrums! Sorry doll but you actually don’t qualify for membership of the club until the said tantrum happens in a public place. The Woolies queue, a crowded restaurant or outside a toyshop in the mall are the usual places for true initiation!

    Is it only one of Daniel’s cheeks or both? If it is both, there is a delightful kiddy illness called slap cheek which I thought was a joke until I saw droves of children get it. It looks like their cheeks have been slapped – swollen and red – hence the name. Hope it isn’t cos it’s also very contagious.

  3. I like the colour co-ordinated lunch boxes 🙂 My colleague’s daughter’s german measles started with a swollen rash on the face, but it’s difficult to tell, we get rashes for so many different reasons!

  4. Love the colour co-oridinated lunch boxes.
    Tantrums……hmmmmm….gotta love them in public,like Luddite Lass says.

  5. Slap cheeck? “runs off to google”
    I once saw the WORST tantrum in Borders bookshop in London. The child was lying under the table and the parents tried everything, cajoling, pleading threatening, walking out the store and peeking around the corner. It was very entertaining!
    My kids often scream in trolleys, I’m not fazed 🙂

  6. I also have too much to do for the number of hours left! And here I am messing around on blogs!

    You must colour co ordinate yogurts too!

    The rash sounds a bit iffy! Hope it clears up – maybe he got a bite?

    Tantrums? We are having the same issues with Connor. I also just step over him and walk away 🙂 Good luck with that – it can be horrific!

  7. My Son2 was the tantrum thrower. Over the weekend while away down the coast he commented on a little boy throwing a tantrum in the diningroom. Much to the relief of the mom and the amusement of all the other families I proceeded to explain loudly enough for everyone to hear how many tantrums Son2 had thrown in many public places!

  8. It’s hubby, not me, I’m the one that drags myself around the kitchen whining in the morning..

  9. Remember my post on the colour coded towels, toothbrushes and suitcases my dad did for the 5 of us!

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