Confession time

I am a self confessed fan of “the Girls of the Playboy Mansion”.  A little sick, I know, but if you are looking for something mindless to do, it is very entertaining.  I used to love watching the antics of the girls and their bizarre group dynamic, but these days I am rather uncomfortable watching since they have the twins on.  I don’t think I would be enthralled if that was the ‘career choice’ my girls would make.  To add to my discomfort, they also dress “the same, but different”, just as we dress our girls.  These days I’m just really sad for Holly, I have become quite fond of her!

So I think I’d rather watch Kendra.  That wacky laugh! (imagining wild gyrating of hips and bopping of big boobs)

Earlier tonight Daniel was using my couch covers (I chose a LIGHT green couch when I was pregnant WTF??) as a blanket, so I asked him to rather use one of the actual blankets.  What does he do: drag his duvet into the lounge and cover Daddy’s legs.  And then they jumped on Dad, Daniel on his legs, Isabel on his chest and Mignon gouging his eyes out.  Poor man 🙂

23 thoughts on “Confession time”

  1. Dad’s make the best ‘horses’ don’t they!
    Haven’t seen any of the new version – am intrigued so will have to check them out

  2. Saw a bit of the twins when they were shosen and they did not appeal!! But yes, the original 3 were great- Holly, Bridget and the rebel, Kendra, made for great mindless entertainment. So with you on this one!!!

  3. shocking – but i think we all must have seen the episode by now where they did chocolate fannys boobs and bums 🙂

    cute picture!

    see ya tomorrow yeah

  4. It always amazes me when they can just jump on their dad’s without much worry of whether he would appreciate it or not. unconditional love 🙂 gorgeous

  5. I’ve always been a fan of the girls, been watching the new episodes, but it seems as if they are a bit boring… Kendra!

    My daughter does the same to hubby…hurting him most of the time in his senstive area…ouch!

  6. Our kids’ duvets always end up in the lounge. Then they wonder why the duvet is twisted inside the cover and has a curry stain on it.

  7. Ooh you’re not sick at all… I think a lot of us watch it just to see what it is about these women that have men drooling. Haven’t watched this season but watched the last bit with Kendra et al. Will have a look-see. Daddy doesn’t seem to mind the attack – sweet!

  8. He he – also used to watch the Girls! I used to compare myself to them, and I think I was a bit of a Kendra personality (potty mouth), but wanted a body like Bridget’s. I just get grossed out when you think Hugh is their boyfriend!

    Love the pic! I’m always amazed at how the kids always want to jump on hubby, and he just lets them!

  9. Love the pic. Daddies don’t mind this, thats what they are there for.

    Also love Girls of the Playboy Mansion, but find the twins and Crystal a tad boring (read bimbo-like), I miss Holly, Bridget and Kendra.
    I also watch Kendra now, but only if its an episode where her mom (Patti is it?) is not in, that woman makes me shudder.

  10. That Patti is SO after her 3 seconds of fame it scares me – do you remember when she was having her “work” done??

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