Daily Danielism

Suppertime: “don’t want that” followed by the usual “baie mooi kossies geëet” (when he hadn’t touched his plate.) 

He did end up eating all the food on his plate without too much interference and nagging from us. (brocolli, meat, carrots and potatoe wedges).  When he eats really well I always try to analyse what we did and try to recreate it.  Hardly ever works that way though.

My turn to read to him tonight and he fell asleep in my arms again.  I had to drag myself away from him as it is so special to lie next to him and just hold him when he sleeps.  I didn’t do enough of that when he was a baby, partly due to hectic PND.  I’m catching up though!

7 thoughts on “Daily Danielism”

  1. Good for you! We cannot spend too much time cuddling our little ones. I enjoy it when my son scoots almost under my arm and sits so tightly against me that I can feel his heart beat against my ribs. They are angels sent from heaven. Enjoy your time with him. Before we could say “cuddle me” they will be fussy teenagers :).

  2. It is wonderful and I just feel like the worst mommy now as I chose to get a proposal out instead of a long cuddle. Will have to an extra long morning one.

  3. Loved the cuddles too, I think it rubbed off on Jess, she still has the best sleep when I cuddle her. x

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