Daily Danielism

At the table tonight when his sisters were playing and giggling at the couch:

“Oh my word” 

He ate some meat tonight, thank goodness.  We gave him his reward though.

On a totally different note, I had such a childhood flashback recently.  I was at my Mom’s house and she had pomegranates on the counter.  I remember, as a child, my grandparents used to farm in the Northern Cape (a little town called Campbell) and their farm was called Voelfontein.  My Granddad used to always pick the pomegranates and break them open for us and they were so juicy and red.  Those visits were always very special.

4 thoughts on “Daily Danielism”

  1. Our neighbours when I was growing up had pomegranates and it was the biggest treat when they let me pick one and I saw the inside for the first time. Thanks for the memory.

  2. I have a pomegranate tree (or is it a bush) in my back garden.
    The fruit are small, but every bit as delicious and beautifull.

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