Daniel the terror

My sweet little angelic boy has turned into Attila the Hun.  He bit 3 children and shoved several more yesterday. 

This is the same boy who is always the one that gets bitten and shoved and runs to greet and hug whoever comes into class.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he wanted to go swimming yesterday morning and wanted me to take him to school instead of daddy?  I’m actually not as mortified as I thought I would be, a little bit of me thinks it quite funny actually.  Look, my child is normal, he also bites!

What does annoy me is the shrieking that started about a week ago.  I so admire the volume button on that little robot in the Robots movie – have a giggle every time we watch the movie (and we watch it rather often..) 

And what’s with opening and closing the dvd player?  He has 30 minutes of TV time a day of a movie of his own choice whilst we feed the girls and finish supper.  We get shrieked at to present the chosen movie QUICKLY and then he watches 3 minutes and proceeds to open and close the dvd player so we have to restart the movie.  Aargh.

Anyway, hopefully the running will make me lose some weight before the big Christening in December (don’t even get me started on that)

In closing:  Every time I think I’m used to having these 3 children I go into their rooms at night to tuck them in before I go to sleep and get stuck watching them.  I especially enjoy standing in the twins’ room looking from one to the other.  It still blows my mind!

2 thoughts on “Daniel the terror”

  1. I used to feel a bit embarrassed when the care-givers complained about Tristan biting. But he used to get bitten too and daddy told him to fight back.

    I’m glad now that he’s not the one being bullied, but he’s also not the bully. I hope!

    As for shrieking, as with most annoying things, it seems to be a phase that they go through. Once a year, at least! Good luck 🙂

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