Overheard last night when hubby was putting Daniel in bed.  We normally take turns to read to him, but I heard that they were having a long chat so I eavesdropped a little:

Daniel: Daddy likes me

Dad: Yes, Daddy likes you

Daniel:  Mommy likes me

Dad:  Yes, Mommy likes you

Daniel:  Daddy, you’re not my friend

Dad: Ok, is Mommy your friend?

Daniel:  No

Dad:  Who is your friend? 

Daniel:  Adam Kendal

Dad:  who else?

Daniel: no-one else

Well, there you have it.  He likes us, but we’re not his friends.

He is going through the “I’m not your friend” stage and the girls and hubby and I are “unfriended” so many times a day we lose count.  Wait until he hits Facebook!

5 thoughts on “Danielism”

  1. So sweet! I wonder if our children will be our “friends” on Facebook? Mind you, Facebook will probably be ancient history when they are teenagers.

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