Danielism and Night nappies

Very tired little man in the car, even his crown was askew:

We prepared him for ages before he turned 4 that he is a big boy then and big boys don’t wear nappies at night etcetc, so when it came to his birthday last month we couldn’t chicken out and he was keen not to wear a nappy. 

He then proceeded to wet his bed religiously once or twice a night despite many loo runs and pep talks.  We then had a chat and said it was really ok if he still wanted a night nappy as we could see it was upsetting him.  I just ended up thinking you know what, I’m only competing against myself, he’s clearly not ready

2 weeks of night nappies later he says to hubby tonight he’s never ever ever ever wearing a nappy again.  Mmmm.  I’m wondering if someone had a talk at school or whether he made up his own mind.  I hope he will be ok, my sensitive little soul child boy. 

PS: on this topic, I bought the MOST amazing sheet that you put under them that doesn’t leak onto the big sheet and you can tumble-dry it.  Let me know if anyone wants details, best R240 I ever spent!

15 thoughts on “Danielism and Night nappies”

  1. That’s great that he’s made the decision on his own. And has he had dry nights since he chose to go off the night nappy?

  2. I love that he came to this conclusion himself. Won’t be long now. (I’ve been there with the wet beds, but eventually we got it right.)

  3. Shame, he looks bushed! Amazing how all of a sudden they get an idea in their head, and that’s how it is! So glad he’s giving up the nappies 🙂

    I’d like the details on that sheet! Might come in handy for Connor. He wakes up dry in the morning most of the time, but he is still in nappies! Guaranteed if I take the nappies off, he’ll pee the whole bed wet!

  4. Miss E did that too. One day she just decided no more nappies, and that was that. Of course it was just as I opened a brand new Jumbo pack of Huggies Gold. Kids 🙂

  5. Wow, it sounds like your little man is ready and determined to do it! I used cut open black bin bags under Jess’s sheets and mattress protector. They worked well, but she only wet a couple of times. Glad you could find a sheet that works. xx

  6. I would LOVE the details of the sheet – need one for when Reilly starts this night time stuff!

    Big mommy hugs – your big boy is making decisions, and that is so cool. Hard, I know, but very cool – growing up 🙂 Too cute!

  7. Hi, my little one is 3, and according to her she’s a big girl. We are trying to get rid of the night time nappie as well, please can you let me know where you got the sheet?


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