Danielism and stuff

On the way home this avie we drove past some horses and Daniel says : Look!  Why is that horse wearing pyjamas?’  (The horse had one of those blankets over him)

When I woke up this morning I was fine, but sometime between having a shower and breakfast I developed some kind of spasm between my shoulder blade and spine.  30 minutes later it had spread to the other side as well.  Hubby tried to massage it out with some Arnica oil with 3 children trying to climb on the bed and get undressed.  Not very successful effort then.

I had to spend the morning in a workshop with new work colleaugues and felt like a real nana doing the whole upper body twist every time I wanted to make eye contact with someone.

By this afternoon it had spread all the way up to my neck and I had decided to pop into the hairdresser.  Forgetting the big Washing of Hair.  I leaned back into the chair and went ouchouchouchouch. I think the staff were all laughing at me but I really don’t care.  I normally have a high pain threshold but this really does my head in.  And I can’t take normal over the counter medication, my stomach can’t handle it.  I got some homeopathic stuff, hope it will work soon!

And I’m really tired, can’t believe that it can suck up so much energy!

11 thoughts on “Danielism and stuff”

  1. Cute on the horse PJ’s 🙂
    Oh my wow on the back pain – it’s just as bad as toothache! Hope it clears up soon – or at least that the meds kick in ASAP!

  2. These muscle spasms are the pits, mine in my back lasted almost two weeks and I was exhausted every day. I do hope that your’s goes away quickly. (hugs) xx

  3. Ouchie! Lock the kids in a room and let hubby massage you in peace.:-)
    T’s school is opposite the SAP mounted unit and they feed the ‘horsey police’ every Friday. They’ve started wearing blankies too and T calls them horsey doodoo’s.

  4. Eina! Hope your back gets sorted soon.
    Perhaps you should have told Daniel that the horse wouldn’t get dressed this morning so he had to go out in his pjs.

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