Date night and brag

Hubby and I had date night last night and I had to find a restaurant.  He wanted something close to home that wasn’t the food-court at Tygervalley but not stuffy.  No pressure!

I eventually came across a place called The Mount in Durbanville and it was very nice.  Nothing fancy, good food, reasonably priced.  After an initial mix-up with a table in the smoking area, they recovered very nicely.  Service was good.

We had a bottle of wine, mains each and shared a starter and dessert, just over R350.  Not bad.  They also have a jungle gym outside, so I think we’ll venture back out there for a meal with the kids soon.  Not today though, it’s meant to be 37 degrees in Cape Town!

Initially we were talking about kids and work etc and I looked at my watch and it was 9h30pm.  Next thing I looked and it was 11pm!  We quickly had to pay and leave as my parents were looking after our sprogs. 

A friend went to the UK and brought Daniel and the girls some educational stuff from Hamley’s .  He got a 150 piece puzzle and I thought there was no way he was going to be able to build it. (he is only turning 4 in May)  Well, he locked himself in the playroom with Daddy until the puzzle was built and refused to each supper.  He then proceeded to re-build the puzzle all by himself.  He was very systematic about it, started with the outside and then did the inside.  I am hugely impressed!

Must dash, little fingers in the way..


17 thoughts on “Date night and brag”

  1. Oh, Oh, tell me about date night. How often do you do it? How does it work? Love the concept!
    Well done on Daniel building the puzzle by himself! That rocks!

  2. Hi there. a friend had her wedding reception there and we were served the MOST DEVINE calamari steaks EVA. Been meaning to go back. Glad you enjoyed date nite 🙂

  3. We try to do date night once a month, but its more like every 3 months, so we just go out for a meal and a chat.

  4. 🙂 Soundslike a gr8 date nite 🙂

    Daniel seems like a genius in the making – very advanced for a 4 year old.

  5. : ) We had date night last night, unfortunately not at the stage where we can go out but still had a nice meal together without a wriggling baby on one of our laps. It’s an awesome concept, glad you’re doing it too.

  6. He is very, very special. He can read the names of all the kids in his class and everyone at home. He can almost write his own, but I refuse to pressurise him, partly why I love Montessori so. Thanks for the compliment, sorry if I went of on a tangent..

  7. Mr P and I have always struggled with the rules of backgammon. We’d have to play strip Scrabble.

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