Date night

Just a quick pop-in.

Tonight is Date Night and I can’t wait! I remembered halfway through the week that I had promised Megan more hours before the end of July and voila! Impromptu Date Night.

Of course I tweeted asking for recommendations for places to go in Durbanville as I couldn’t be arsed to drive far and the 2 most attractive were Cassia (love them!) and Our Place (thanks Lindsey!) where we are going tonight. By all accounts they are lovely. I just hope they can put up with my dietary crap.

A friend also recently introduced me to Cathy’s site, PaperPeony and I fell in love. Check out her washi tape, I have ordered mine and I’m waiting for the next birthday so I can get a-wrapping! I used to have a thing for stationery and calligraphy, but since the kids it really hasn’t been anything more than the odd half-hearted attempt, so this is really exciting. Please pop over and have a look?

Then, we watched a Ted Talk at work today and I’m in the process of having an epiphany. Watch this space, it’s HUGE.

I’m dragging Etienne and the kids off to Wellington tomorrow for this:

What are you all doing for the weekend?

2 thoughts on “Date night”

  1. Enjoy date night! Cathy’s site is fantastic. I ordered bakers twine from there and the washi tape will be ordered next month! Am too excited.

    1. Can’t wait to get my washi tape!! Have been looking at bakers twine as I want to make some sauces for Christmas this year…

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