Day 2 – Missing

When you’ve been with someone for a long time (13 years in our case) you have little things that have become habit.  I normally don’t notice the missing “links” in my day when Etienne is gone, but for some reason this year it’s harder than usual, even though it’s only for 5 days.

Not hard as in I’m-going-to-fall-down-and-cry-hard, just I’ve-noticed-it-more-this-year-than-normal-hard.  I’m wondering if it is because I’ve been taking him for granted or whether I’m just that little bit more in love with him than last year this time?  I’m leaning toward love.

For example:

Last night I was throwing an extra blanket over our bed and there was no-one on the other side of the bed to smooth it out.

Taking out the trash.  Not a job I normally do.  Not a job I would like to do on a regular basis either thank you very much.

I find myself wondering what we need from the shops, only to realize that I can’t ask him.  Not that he would care as he is stuffing his face with all kinds of meat he doesn’t ever get at home.

Not being able to spoon.  I love spooning.

I dialled his office number to tell him a funny story, only to realise he’s not there.  (that was a special facepalm moment)

I get to read to the kids every night.  I’m loving lolling around with them on the carpet, reading books in no particular hurry.  I’m wondering why I don’t enjoy it that much when he’s around?

I miss not setting his place at the table.  Dinner is always a big event at our house, it’s our family catch-up time.

Having at least 1 child in bed with me at night (Isabel, for most of the last 2 nights), being able to cuddle and then still have enough space to roll over to my side of the bed.

But most of all I miss my buddy, the person I most enjoy talking to.

Only 2 more sleeps!

PS: I’ve just realized that we have been together for a 1/3 of our lives.  Wow.

PPS: All this peace and quiet has given me the opportunity to try out a new granny square pattern.  I have made 16 of these squares and was almost done with this square last night and will make 16 of them too so that I have 2 fair sized blankets for the girls. (I found the website via one of  my favourite crochet websites, Attic24.)  Then to start with something for Daniel for his bed.  By which stage it will probably be December.

6 thoughts on “Day 2 – Missing”

  1. I HATE it when David is away – it really feels like a huge part of everything is missing.

    I really don’t cope well. I can sort the kids and what not just fine but getting into bed on my own is the pits and not being able to decompress at the end of the day – SUCKS!

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