Diana and the Horse

You know how sometimes something comes out of your mouth in front of your kids and as it rolls off your tongue you think ‘this is SO coming back to bite me in the ass’. Yes, that.

I dragged Etienne off to see Diana last Friday night (don’t bother, it was very disappointing) and the kids kept asking which movie we saw, so last night when we were all tucked up for our last chat I told them about the beautiful Princess called Diana that was the most famous woman in the world. It was, admittedly, a little awkward to explain that her fairy tale didn’t end well and that she ended up dying in a car accident. I did explain that she had found someone else to love without going into what may or may not have really happened in her final days, that she was really beautiful and that she did wonderful things like take care of the poor and sick children.

At this point I considered back-pedalling about the whole divorce thing as it’s not really something I feel they need know too much about right now, but not before the girls were asking me what happened to the Prince and why he didn’t stay married to his Princess.

I then proceeded to explain that the Prince really loved someone else and that he married her after a while. ‘What is her name’ the girls ask me. ‘Camilla Parker Bowles’ I say. ‘She looks a little like a horse’ I say, immediately trying to suck the words back into my mouth, but it was too late.

This morning they were asking Etienne about the ‘Aunty that has a head like a horse’ and this evening when we were having our daily snuggle they asked about ‘the horse suit she wears’. And what Princess Diana covered her head with (I can only assume that they want to see the crown).

I shudder to think what they’ve told their teacher..

Note to self: if you’re gong to be ironic (ok, bitchy) about someone rather not do it in front of your kids. Oops.

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