Dinner story and pic share

We are tying to get the girls used to sitting at the table, so after their supper we put them each on their own chair with a plate of snacks whilst we (try to) eat supper.

These are the events at supper tonight, which was Shepherd’s Pie:

Dish up

Herd all the children to the table

Get up to get Daniel a little bit of juice

Retrieve pieces of apple from floor and put back on Isabel’s plate

Take Daniel’s food off Mignon’s plate that he “dished up”  as she was desperately unhappy about the added things on her plate.

Take Mignon’s apple out of Daniel’s mouth and give back to her

Collect Daniel from TV room and switch TV off

Get Isabel off the table and back on her chair

Collect Daniel from TV room and switch TV off – again

Retrieve Mignon off the back of Daniel’s chair and put her back on her own chair

Collect Daniel from TV room and switch TV off – again

Retrieve Isabel off the back of my chair and put her on her own chair as she was determined to sit on my lap

Threaten serious bodily harm if Daniel moves his arse off his chair

Fight with/bribe Daniel as he refused to eat his supper.

Needless to say, our son went to bed hungry this evening, but I’m sure he won’t starve before the morning..

It was the first night we tried it, but we’ll keep trying 🙂  I have no illusions about how it is going to go for the next few years, so for the moment I think it’s funny..

Pic share:

Daniel’s hair is too long for his bed-head-mohawk now, so I wet his hair this morning to get it flat. He looks like a real little boy.  I was watching him at school today, he is such a little man now!  We bought him a stencil kit and he is obsessed with it, but it take for-bloody-ever to wash the koki off him and the girls.


Our nanny LOVES to dress the girls, check their cute little outfits yesterday 🙂  The entire outfits were hand-me-downs from various people!

12 thoughts on “Dinner story and pic share”

  1. cute, I’m also doing the eat at the table again with chloe, we became so comfortable in front of the telly here in the flat that I needed a kick in the arse to be more attentive to these things…I did however manage to walk out of her room tonight and she played with her bear in the dark for 15 minutes before she fell asleep on her own…tempting to hold and cuddle till they fall asleep 🙂

  2. Dinner at your house gives a whole new meaning to the term moveable feast. Good luck with getting them all sitting in one place and eating.

  3. I gave up on the eating together and have decided that once they start “big” school I will reinforce the rule then. The stress of trying to get them to eat, cleaning up the mess, jumping up and down and then eating cold food was too much for me.

  4. LOL at dinner escapades! Hubby told me last night I should put a warning on my blog to any prospective parents! “Get used to eating cold food once you have kids”!

    Does anyone disagree?

    We’re going to be heading down the ‘sit at the table to eat’ path very soon (as soon as TV room is finished). I was hoping it would be like sleep-training – a 3 day course, but I know that’s wishful thinking!

    Love the pics! They look so cute 🙂

  5. I hear you, but I want to get them into the habit now, so lets see. The girls are actually enjoying it and I leave the mess for last and send the dog in to hoover 🙂

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