Domestic schmomestic

I’m going to add PA to my bio.

Our washing machine has been acting up lately.  It’s one of those Samsung top-loader jobbies we got as a wedding gift from my In-laws (who incidentally celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary yesterday!).

I love my washing machine.  If it’s possible to love an appliance.  It’s not fancy or anything, it’s just always worked really well and is easy to operate.  And it has survived several sets of domestic helpers (not something I can say for the 4 vacuum cleaners we’ve had in the last few years)

For the last few weeks we have noticed that the 21 minute Economy cycle has taken closer to 60.  And have preferred to dig our heads in the sand and try to ignore.  The last thing we can afford right now is a broken anything in our house.  Until the spin cycle got a little unspun on Monday.

DH and I then had The Talk.

Me: The washing machine is broken

DH:  Yes

Me: Should we call someone (read: who are you going to call?)

DH: Yes, we should really call someone (read: who are you going to call?)

So, I left it last night and we tried to do a quick load this morning, same result, same conversation.

So I called the place I called last time to come and fix the oven and they came this avie.  I would have let them in the garage door, but it wouldn’t open because “we” need to get new remotes as the current ones are really cheap and falling to pieces.

Oh, and “we” need to replace the second gas bottle, otherwise “we” won’t be able to cook.

He truly has many, many redeeming factors, so I’ll just have a quiet little whine. Shh, just between us ok?


22 thoughts on “Domestic schmomestic”

  1. Ah, a man after my own heart!
    Handy man? Well, yes…I’m always around to switch on the kettle. lol!

  2. I know how you feel! Im hubby’s PA! But then again if you leave them to sort it out, you think it will go well???

  3. Oh my… I am so feeling you right now. I’m fantasising about sending him back to his mother. Jus sooo tired but ja… sal maar liewers wine…

  4. All matters handy are already outsourced, hence the PA label πŸ™‚ He does make a mean cuppa tea though!

  5. Oh, I hear you, sister! We’ve got a leaking washing machine and a rusted gate and a broken fax machine and a microwave that is probably a serious health hazard and a television with issues and a car that wouldn’t start today after my meeting – all of which WE have to sort out before we go away on holiday! Gotta love them, cos you can’t kill them without doing jail time! πŸ˜‰

  6. I have the opposite man in my house… He wants to do everything and seems not to trust me to sort out things… Suites me just fine πŸ™‚

  7. Hubby knows, if someone needs to be phoned, he’d better do it himself, cos I HATE phoning people. Always put it off. He’s a very good delegator though! πŸ˜‰

  8. hahaha mine is exactly the same. If it needs to get done, I have to do it. We love them anyway tho – right? πŸ˜› [right πŸ™‚ ]

  9. Mostly I phone cos hubby hardly has time or mostly he forgets and I need the thing to work πŸ™‚

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